Out on the streets, it is becoming plain that the majority of the people willing to approach us have already firmly made their minds up which way they will vote. National polls more or less say it is “Even Stevens” with a substantial number of “Undecided voters”.

How to persuade this last category to vote our way? Their vote is crucial.
I have been having a receptive audience, helped by the recent crass intercession of Mr. Obama.

Many clearly remember the news conference, at which he and our oh so co-operative Prime Minister revealed a right royal stitch-up. It was instructive to watch Mr. Cameron virtually tick off bullet points as Mr. Obama fired them; taken from the previously agreed agenda. How Cameron avoided blushing when the President administered the coup de grace “You`ll have to get to the end of the queue”, I do not know. I was first sickened, then annoyed and just plain furious as the full import of this calculated insult sank in.

So not only were we to crawl to the diktat of our “Special Exceptional Friend”; but we were to get back in our BOX, you know the one “The EU Retirement Home for Failed European Nations”; the crafty blighter had sussed out that the old colonial master was threatening to make a return to the world stage and link up with his old Commonwealth pals.

Have a rival out on his patch creating mayhem –“ no way Hosay,” especially not after US policy for more than the last century has been to divest and punish the UK for its past colonialism, and particularly US humiliation, as they perceive it.

So how to ensure the EU retains the UK captive?

Certain sections of the British political establishment believe “we are not good enough” i.e. we are no longer fit to walk upon the world stage and “punch above our weight” – how about a project labeled “Fear and Uncertainty”?

Well we`ve had that in spades Cameron and his cohorts have painted fantastic, dreadful scenarios and outcomes based on Supposition, Lies and Propaganda -barely what one would call a fact amongst them.

But I can forecast for the Remainians a definite “certainty”; there will be the certainty of “uncertainty” – how do I know? The American President has told us so; he is going to make sure there is at least 10 years of it.

There will be the continued certainty that:-
a) It will be a life sentence of hard labour under a totalitarian regime sine dei.
b) You will eventually be subject to Corpus Juris – Habeas Corpus etc will go. And our judicial system based on Magna Carta will be ripped up. Sic transit democracy.
c) You will cede your permanent seat on the Security Council to the EU.
d) Your renewal of normal association and trading with the Commonwealth will be forfeit.
e) The ability of Parliament to make its own laws will still be gone.
f) Your services Army, Navy and Air force will be absorbed into EU-branded bodies i.e. they will not be able to act independently.
g) You will remain citizens of the EU, subject to the whim of your masters
in Brussels.
h) British Jobs for British workers will be a thing of the past.
j) TTIP will eventually be signed, which will only favour big business, multinationals and be a Banker`s Ramp, National courts will be bypassed and disputes will be settled by tribunals, which can set gigantic fines for loss of profit, with no redress for your national govt.
k) The Opt out from our use of the Euro will probably go eventually and probably our rebate too, so will control over our own taxes. Bank deposits will be at the mercy of the junta (ref. Cyprus settlement now accepted as the default pattern for dealing with similar recalcitrant members). Our debt and deficit at the moment are amongst the highest in the EU, it wouldn`t take much to end up like Greece, with the bailiffs in and controlling our economy (there… I`ve discussed the economy).
l) You will be compelled to enter the European Song Contest forever and that`s the closest you`ll get to the Australian part of the Commonwealth.
m) Supervening all, you will never regain control of your own borders.
Cross border Immigration will probably remain or worse around 1/3million
annually,. You know the damage that is already causing overstrained
services, NHS, Schools and housing? Think replacing Coventry or Leicester every year!
n) NO Sovereignty – every last bit gone, Parliamentary democracy gone -Your MP will remain a cipher, tool of his party and not representing the needs of his electorate in the slightest. You might be able to kick this lot out every 5 years, but you won`t be able to do that with the junta (Commission) in Brussels
p) Agenda 21. I don`t know much about it, something to do with World Government, and so I don`t know enough about it to comment, but if you stay in the EU, I believe it will not be to your advantage -forever.

Readers of this diatribe may point out that views I have expressed are highly individualistic and that I am wrong to see Mr. Obama as such a catalyst.
I plead that I am not alone, I wonder if anybody has read the words of a Conservative “Big Beast” who has recently joined the ranks of the LEAVErs.
Mr. Michael Ancram, ex Chairman, ex deputy Leader of the Conservative party and former shadow Foreign Secretary?

He pointed out that the American President had a perfect right to look out for the interests of his country, and said: “There is nothing wrong in pursuing one`s country`s interests. What was offensive and counterproductive was for Mr. Obama to present it as being of concern for the British people.”

It was not and is not. The President`s disingenuousness is only the latest in a string of mendacious tactics adopted by the Remain campaign, as they have been overtaken by panic, their lies have flown thicker and thicker, but for 40 years now I have been lied to about the EU. And I`ve had enough”

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