I remember a time, when as a young man, I was staying in India. I can’t even remember which city I was in when a friend remarked: “wow, it looks like a sea of people.” This was over thirty years ago, yet India was a crowded place then, beggars were sleeping in the streets to such an extent that there was no room on the pavements and many were sleeping between two lines of traffic in the road. Indian society was very polarised and poverty was rife (still is). I remember seeing men, women and children living in the streets while rotting with disease; but now the population is booming, getting even more out of control.

Things aren’t looking too good for the Third World generally, but the way things are going, this is the future of our children too. By 2050 the world population is expected to reach nearly ten billion, nearly all of this growth is expected in the Third World; an extra three billion people in thirty-four years.

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Many immigrants that I have spoken to, from places like India are just desperate to get away and come to the West for a better life. But how many immigrants can we absorb? The invasion that is happening in Europe at the moment is just the tip of the iceberg. You can see from the above chart that if we were to allow another billion migrants into the UK and Europe, the population of the Third World would still be out of control. In spite of the rantings of so many deluded do-gooders, we can’t even begin to help the Third World by allowing ourselves to be dragged down to their level. It is interesting that the above projections (from reputable sources) were made before the migrant crisis started; the reality is likely to be very different because of this. The flood of migrants into Europe will turn, if not stopped, into a Tsunami.

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The world’s scarce resources are getting scarcer and will not be sufficient for such a booming world population. This scarcity is inevitably going to lead to conflict in the world, but it’s not a battle we needed to fight on our own streets, as will now happen.

Put simply, the world’s dwindling supplies of arable land, fresh water, energy and minerals — essential for the production of food and appliances such as mobile phones, cars, televisions and washing machines — cannot meet rising global demand.”

Time: Dambisa Moyo 2012.

With the migrant crisis, thousands of Jihadis are known to have been allowed into Europe. I look outside of the controlled mainstream media for information and I am disturbed by how many very large arms seizures have been made in Southern Europe. It appears that now Europe is full of military age men from the Middle East, the weapons are starting to appear too. Time will tell, but I believe that the terrorist attacks that we’ve suffered recently are just a warm up exercise: future attacks will be far more extreme.

Given Angela Merkel and the European Union’s determination to Islamise Europe, perhaps we should call it the European Islamic Union (EIU). The EIU has not only failed to defend its and our borders, it seems to have actively encouraged this migrant invasion, an invasion that will soon turn into a very dangerous Tsunami. The United Kingdom may not be part of the Schengen agreement, but you would have to be extremely naïve if you believed, that we would be able to resist further immigration if we vote to remain within the EIU. It won’t be long before Germany’s migrants have German passports and will be able to walk into the UK anyway.

We are in grave danger of being consumed by the Third World. I have always been keen for us to help develop the Third World, but allowing it to drag us down with it will solve nothing, our first duty is to ourselves. There was a time when we could carry the weight of half of the world on our shoulders but those days are long gone; we need to worry about our own survival. The Third World is a place where it is common for children to be maimed in order to provide them with promising careers as beggars or daughters sold into prostitution: is this what you want for our children?

The European Union, or should I say EIU, is a ruthless Totalitarian organisation in the making, it feigns altruistic intent, but in reality it is about power and control. The EIU cares not about our culture and way of life, that has taken centuries of struggle and innovation to develop, we have seen it throw whole countries to the wolves in pursuit of its objectives.

The world as a whole is going to face some very difficult times and we need to survive within it, in order to do this, it is vitally important that we regain control of our borders: we can’t do this as part of the EIU. The future I have painted here may seem bleak and violent, but all of my information is available from many sources and is verifiable. When you can look beyond all of the deceit, lies, rhetoric and propaganda; this is the reality that we face, all summed up with a few simple numbers.

We will fight the first battle in the coming conflict on June the 23rd, it is a chance we must not miss to leave the EIU, probably our last chance.

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