Everyone, President Trump first and foremost, knows about Fake News, and how the media use them.

Those a bit more into all the reports on Deep State” and warmongering US senators, and on how the CIA and others tried to influence President Trump, thought he and his advisers were immune. After all, didn’t he show again and again that all those accusations of him colluding with Putin were ‘fake news’?

So now we wake up to the news that the US has been shelling a Syrian army base near Homs with cruise missiles fired from their Mediterranean fleet. We are given to understand that this was the reply to the ‘horrific gas attack by Assad’ where ‘little babies’ died. I’ll get to that below, let me state here just this: there are now reports for example in The Express that ISIS immediately attacked Syrian Army bases in the vicinity!

Well done, President Trump – you and your government are now fighting with ISIS!

But what about that horrific ‘gas attack’, which had all MSM everywhere, scream yet again that Assad did it and must go – even though after the attacks in 2013 he delivered all his chemical weapons to the UN for destruction, which was concluded to the satisfaction of none other than Mr John Kerry, Obama’s foreign minister? ‘Right-minded’ US columnists are already hinting that Russia either kept some chemical weapons hidden, or delivered new ones to Assad. Next we’ll be told that, actually, ‘Russia did it’!

What is staggering is that all those Westerners still seem to think that ISIS and the other Syrian ‘rebels’ are somehow too primitive to produce their own chemical weapons. They also overlook that ISIS could very well have got chemical weapons from the Iraqi arsenals, from the places they’ve conquered. Interestingly enough, what ISIS (and the West) do in Iraq is somehow not worthy of reporting in our MSM. Why is that?

The same goes for Turkey, which is apparently allowed a free hand fighting Kurds under the guise of fighting ISIS. Never mind that in the past it was shown that Turkey had opened what the investigative journalist Seymour Hersh called a ‘rat line’, where oil from Iraq was transported by ISIS in exchange for weapons and allegedly chemical weapons. That was in 2012-2013.

Now there are far better indicators that this was a planned ‘outrage’, planned by ISIS. Here’s a report worth reading, and so is this one. Must we now assume that there are ‘Fake News’ President Trump believes to be fake, and others he doesn’t? Or is he driven by TV images based on a fake outrage to do what the hawks in the Deep State wanted all along: go to war with Syria? Is he doing this to show his US enemies that he is not colluding with Putin, who has been supporting Assad? Or did he want to show the Chinese PM who is right now visiting him that he is ‘strong’? Did no one tell him that China has now said they would support both Assad and Russian in their fight against ISIS, see here?

We were on the brink of yet another ‘Syrian peace conference’ when this attack happened. Now the US, in the UN, is demanding that “Assad must go”, and our dear EU has said that ‘we’ will support Syria with financial help if Assad is gone, as the Guardian reported before that EU meeting.

All in the West who clamour that Assad must go, who have clamoured this for years, have failed to present an alternative. It is well known that the ‘moderate’ rebels, who Western politicians think are a viable alternative are only a tiny little bit more ‘moderate’ than ISIS. That however doesn’t seem to matter.

Western politicians also seem not to have learned from the grave errors they made when, in the name of “democracy”, “regime change”, and ‘against tyrants’, they got rid of Saddam Hussein, giving rise to ISIS. Iraq is now a battlefield … The same happened a few years later in Libya when, in the name of ‘regime change’, the West got rid of Gaddafi. Libya, as we all know, is now the staging ground for the invasion of Europe by so-called refugees from the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Now Syria …

It doesn’t seem to be of any interest to those who bewail the ‘little babies’ killed in a set-up gas attack that removing Assad means the installation of yet another failed Islamic tyranny, that the killings of Yezidis and of Christians in any place ISIS rules will become the norm once Assad is gone.

But what is far worse than any of that is the now incontrovertible fact that Donald Trump, who four years ago was against any interference in Syria, is now doing just that on the basis of ‘fake outrage’ and staged photos on TV. If that is all that’s needed to trigger him, will his enemies next show TV pictures of a fake attack by Russia, dead baby photos included, so that NATO and all the war mongers can finally invade Russia from the Baltic states where so many troops have already been stationed?

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