The government promised the nation would have its freedoms back on June 21st and now they have reneged on that commitment. Their reasons for yet another “delay” have no substance, no logicality, no consistency, no proportionality and no justification. The people of the country have had enough of 15 months of being locked down and unnecessary restrictions. Lockdowns never had an electoral mandate and the government should have sought the nation’s permission via a UK-wide referendum. This has not happened so we consider this continued lockdown situation has not the people’s consent and no legal validity.

As such, we are proceeding with taking back our freedoms on Monday 21st June. There will be protest and lobbying of MPs on that day. This is organised by the National Alliance for freedom from lockdowns. All groups and individuals are welcome to join with us in reclaiming our freedoms.

The government has committed to a House of Commons vote on their plans to delay exit out of lockdowns, and this is expected on or before 21st June. We are imploring MPs to vote against this extension of lockdowns. We ask that they consider all the facts and also look at the very fundamental issue of trust, not only in government, but in Parliament itself.

This is not just a government issue as we would never have had lockdowns in the first place without the support of the Opposition. We plead with the Opposition to act like one, to question and hold to account government decisions. At the very least the government proposals should be abstained from. Likewise, the Conservative MPs we beg to exercise a sense of rationality.

The country simply cannot take any more of the damage in every area of life which is brought about by lockdowns. These government proposals can be defeated. Asking the government to stick with its promises to the nation should not be such a big ask!

We are encouraging the whole nation, irrespective of the government’s about turn, to take back the freedoms which were promised on 21st June. So we say:

Have the freedom day parties which have been arranged,

Have those wedding dances which were planned,

Have any singing you planned to do.

Take back all restrictions on businesses, sporting, religious, social, theatrical and social life which had been promised to end.

Take a stand for freedom.

It only needs a few of us to demand our freedoms back and the government will have to cave in.

This policy can fall like a house of cards. It is not a big ask! To have the freedoms British people fought and died for over many centuries!

The government have made this delay an issue on the subject of covid-19 vaccines.

Whatever stance people individually take on these vaccines, they are not a viable excuse to delay ending lockdown restrictions.

Freedom day is 21st June!

Let the great British public join together and insist, from this day we go forward into taking our freedoms back. Never again will we allow any government to take away our natural rights and liberties.

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