In the montage above, I have tried to represent many of the forces at work that Matthew Bracken covers in his 10-part series “Tet Take Two – Islam’s European Offensive” (for those of you who haven’t read it yet, the link takes you to Part One, and each subsequent part has daisy chain links to it)

Are those elements I have represented forces of Good or Evil? It all depends on who you are.

If you believe in Islam, you will certainly see the Quran as a force for good, and depending on where you stand on the extremist-moderate scale, the burqa as good, with nationalism, women free to express themselves and The Bible as evil. Full-blown Islamists will see jihad and armed struggle as good with the EU and International Socialism as useful idiots to be exploited.

If you’re an International Socialist, you will see the EU as a force for good, helping you establish your dream of a worldwide socialist dictatorship and nationalism as naturally bad. They are aiding and abetting the spread of Islam with their multi-cultural, “hate speech” agendas, but surely even they must start to get worried for their safety after the Paris Bataclan massacre. We see the chinks appearing already with the sabre-rattling coming from France and even Germany.

If you’re a Nationalist of a civilized Western nation you’ll see your flag, the freedom to express yourself visually and verbally as you wish (within the bounds of decency rather than political correctness) and even if you’re not a practising Christian, the principles contained in The Bible (the New Testament, certainly) as being Good. But, increasingly so, and as actively demonstrated now in Eastern European countries such as Hungary, Macedonia, Russia and Poland, you will see Islam, Jihad, the Burqa and the Quran as forces for evil.

There’s another camp that Matthew Bracken does not classify as a “force” in his series – Corporatism – big international business, the multinationals. I believe they are major players in this game. They will do anything as long as it makes a profit – a big one – and increases the elite’s share of worldwide wealth, and in that aim they are certainly succeeding. The EU and USA between them are making it harder and harder for small and medium business to succeed, and favouring big business, with TTIP being the jewel  in the crown, if they can drive that through. The Global Warming agenda (which many in UKIP believe is a scam, notably Roger Helmer MEP) is making us all “energy poor” while the rich get richer. And, throughout history, the bankers, weapon makers, infrastructure builders and their supporting industries have made a profit from conflict and war. The coming conflict between Islam and European nationalism which Matthew rather scarily predicts, which may not come in 2016 but is certainly “around the corner”, will only favour them further.

wilders Trump

In UKIP, we are clearly in the Nationalist camp, we are anti-International-Socialism, we are anti-EU (but we love Europe, don’t we?) and anti-Corporatism. But, are we anti-Islam? At the moment our leader is being very, very cautious here. In a recent interview (watch from 4 minutes in) Nigel wouldn’t support Donald Trump’s very direct words on the matter of the West fighting back against extreme Islam, while Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch PVV Party (now leading the Dutch Polls) has endorsed Trump’s comments:

Despite the attempts of the lamestream media to play down the crisis now playing itself out, despite their attempts to misrepresent popular opinion with their constant reporting of the 10 Downing Street petition to “ban” Donald Trump from the UK, I have no doubt that British public opinion is now awakening to the risks of a back-door Islamic “invasion” of Europe, as covered by the present migrant crisis (presented by much of the media still as a “refugee” crisis)

Many in UKIP will doubtless think that Nigel should take a more robust line. Others will think that he is being wise by being cautious, given our experiences of the way the media latches onto anything with a whiff of “non-PC speak” uttered by anyone in UKIP, especially himself.

What do you think? Our comment pages are wide open – speak your mind and help influence UKIP policy on the crucial battle, not just to extract Britain from the EU, but to prepare for what many foresee in terms of a confrontation with Islam, and what Matthew Bracken foresees as a full-blown civil war across Europe in 2016.

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