I can’t speak for you, but personally, as a Brexiteer, this last week has been pretty hard to take. The MSM, especially the Daily Mail have gone full Remainer. Big Business has come out in force along with Mark Carney. Even the journalists have raised the white flag, Harris, Glover and sadly even Hitchens.

Watching May’s press conferences, it occurred to me that we have a cross between Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton as a PM. Predictably, the Tory ‘Brexiteers’ have bottled it as I previously predicted, a token 25 made a stand. Only the DUP have shown any backbone, and UKIP seem to have disappeared (as usual) at the worst possible time.

This week, the public have truly witnessed the real Theresa May and the Conservative Party: deception, destructiveness, ruthlessness and fanaticism. Some have described May as the worst PM. A third rate PM she may be, but a first rate political assassin she certainly is. Hand picked to do a Brexit reversal job because of her almost Teflon-like ability, she has even ensured the UK can never leave.

A good analogy of these events is the story of Moby Dick. In this version, May is the fanatical Captain Ahab. The crew (the Tory ‘Brexiteers’) have been cheaply bought and have accepted Ahab’s gold doubloon to find the white whale. In doing so, they have committed their ship, the Pequod (the Conservative Party) on a course to hunt and kill Moby Dick (Brexit). So blinded and beholden by their Captain, they don’t even realise this will be the end of them too. One can only hope, that Ahab’s folly will be surpassed by May. The Brexit Moby Dick may well be May and the Tories nemesis. They may kill the whale, but it will certainly take them to the seabed with it.

The most worrying aspect of all the events is – where does this leave our democracy? If our politicians lie by default and so openly as May has,  If our political parties disregard their manifesto promises so easily as the treacherous Tories have, what will be the point in voting?

Indeed what is the point of the Parliament at all? If it no longer serves its purpose, to represent the wishes of its constituents, then it is redundant. If Parliament approves May’s deal, it will be voting for its own abolition.

It seems our democracy has come full circle. Parliament, with Cromwell, removed the Monarch, Charles the First, because of abuse of power. Mrs. May has behaved worse than poor old Charles, and now Parliament itself is abusing its power. This will surely result in a very large group of angry, disenfranchised, ex-voters desperate to enact political revenge.

The Remainers have gone quiet, smirking, laughing and thinking it’s ‘job done’. To any Remainer reading this article, please ponder this thought: what if this group of people remove their consent to be governed? Or more likely, what happens if a UK Trump comes along, promising to ‘drain the swamp’ and tear up May’s deal on day one and force a true Brexit? The downtrodden, forlorn, ex-voters will be drawn to this person, like a moth to a giant street-light, and why shouldn’t they?

This future UK Trump won’t be cute and cuddly, because cute and cuddly does not get you anywhere in UK politics anymore. The future UK Trump will be the anathema of the liberal left. He (or she) will actively reverse liberal left progressivism. He (or she) will push the boundaries of our liberal society to their very limits. He (or she) will tear down the UK political establishment to its foundations and he (or she) (and the ex-voters) will show the legacy parties absolutely no mercy.

So, in summary, to save our very democracy, our Parliament needs to reject May’s treacherous ‘deal’.

If it rejects her deal, Parliament may actually save itself too.


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