I often go hunting, not because I enjoy killing, but because I’m fond of freerange meat, if while I’m at it I happen to obtain a nice trophy, then I’ll keep it, I’m not a trophy hunter though.

Where I live, deer, pigs and a whole range of other furry critters are at plague proportions, and I figure that if they have to be culled, I may as well have some for the freezer.

Many people have little understanding of the utter destruction these animals wreak when their numbers are out of control: ultimately, they’ll fight for survival and many will starve as they destroy their own habitat.

Many Liberal/Lefty snowflakes will howl with derision at the thought of this, but they’ll quite happily eat meat that has led a miserable half-life at a battery farm or similar: proxy killers we call them.

I enjoy the stalk more than the actual killing bit, I won’t kill an animal unless I have a good reason, I don’t enjoy killing for the sake of killing. I wouldn’t forgive myself if I maimed an animal and cuased it unnecessary suffering and there is a most certainly an art to this, it takes a lot of skill that unfortunately many people don’t have.

The Halal slaughter controversy is something that I’ve always stayed out of as I’m very nifty with a knife myself, done right, it’s actually very effective. Once the carotid artery (there are other methods) is severed, the animal is unconscious within three or four seconds, it is quite oblivious to its death throes and any nasty gurgling and spluttering noises it may make.

Hunting forces you to confront some of the harsher realities of life and the fact that we as human beings, in spite of our relative sophistication, science, technology and other achievements, we are merely mammals competing for scarce resources in a finite world.

One of the main differences between us humans and other species is the fact that we’re at the top of the food chain. Other species are predated on by other species, lions eat wildebeest and so on. We humans, for the most part, are only predated on by other humans.

These harsh realities of life I realised are what exposes the Liberal / Lefty / Marxist, snowflake doctrine as the pack of lies and garbage that it really is, the idea that we’re all going to live in a Socialist Utopia is laughable and an idea embraced by the extremely naive and gullible.

In 2016, I wrote an article entitled: “Surviving the human tsunami.” This article highlights the explosive population growth in the Third World, have a look, the numbers a frightening.

The Third World is the biggest threat that we face, it is headed for a humanitarian disaster and they are desperate to escape, we could let a couple of billion of them into the West and it would make no difference, it would just ensure that we starve with them.

The United Kingdom, it seems to me is already dangerously overpopulated for a little island, it manages while we can maintain order, but any shocks to the food supply, or similar and things will turn feral very quickly.

Multilateralism was always a lie, it just doesn’t work, as the rapidly increasing ghettos and Muslim no-go zones in the UK are a testament to.

Yet successive British governments have allowed millions of Third World migrants into our country; migrants with totally different values and cultures that will always be at odds with our own. Immigration continues unabated, many hundreds of thousands a year and they breed like rabbits when they get here.

The rapidly expanding Muslim population make no secret of their desire to make the UK into a caliphate; they will show themselves in their true colours when they are of sufficient numbers.

What possible motives then, could successive governments have for selling out their own people on such a massive scale?

There are a number of possible explanations.

Times of economic difficulty tend to lead to war and since the 2008 financial crisis, nothing has been fixed. Governments have published highly massaged and dubious figures, printed currency on a massive scale, behind the scenes the economy is running on fumes.

A war would be very handy wouldn’t it, to distract attention from the complete disaster these globalist politicians have made of our country.

A country that was once one of the most beautiful and civilised countries in the world, now reduced to a bankrupt, overpopulated, Mosque infested, Third World S*ithole.

Theresa May has been working very hard, it seems to me, to get a war started (I’ll get back to this another time).

An animal, be it a deer, pig or any other creature, doesn’t get to decide its fate, it is decided by predators like myself and many others, with guns and knives, a more technologically advanced and intelligent species.

It strikes me as ironic then that we allow other humans the same privilege to decide our fate, to destroy our country, ruin our lives and let’s face it, ultimately kill us.

I realised a long time ago that the only value my life has is the value that I myself can place upon it and the same goes for us collectively as a nation.

We live in a harsh world, the survival of the fittest and the law of the jungle prevail, if we allow the globalists, liberal / Lefty, Cultural Marxists rule our lives with their lies and deceit, we’re finished.

It’s time to confront these Liberal / Lefty / Marxist fascists, time for us to place a value on our lives, if anybody has to be culled, let it be them.

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