The ugly EU project and its uglier LibLabCon allies have judged the situation correctly; that the Brexit camp has been scattered into ineffective factions. Some UKIP supporters believed the Tories were going to deliver Brexit and left the battlefield early. Even Nigel Farage.

UKIP must return to battle with a vengeance because the political class only responds to one thing: the ballot box with lots of UKIP votes inside. UKIP is the only party standing up for Britain. We have an historic job to do and there is no time to waste.

You cannot vote for Leave.EU, Westmonster, Brexit Central, Leave Means Leave or any of the other shouty online groups. Useful though they are, they are not political parties. On election day, they are as much use as ashtrays on a motorbike. If they want to do something useful, they should nominate UKIP election candidates. 

UKIP forced a referendum from the Tories. We then had endless debates in every village hall, every newspaper, every radio station, every pub and club. But our quisling Government used every trick in the book to cheat. The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation used licence payers’ money to push the EU/Soros scare messages. And still they lost! Decisively! By 1.269 million votes! 7.8%! Now the cheats, that’s all they are, are trying every trick to destroy Brexit. We must counter attack and very hard – and never forget what they tried to do to our country.

We have a few problems in UKIP to sort out. Firstly, most of our MEPs have been a flop. Since the referendum, they’ve achieved little. They’ve enjoyed the comfy salaries and expenses but none are household names. They claim to be ‘busy’ but confuse activity with achievement. They don’t function like a team. Some quit UKIP altogether but clung onto their pay cheques as neutered Independents. Mike Hookem has made an effort with fishing. Margot Parker tries hard but Stuart Agnew was the only UKIP MEP, apart from Gerard, to help at Lewisham.

Thank goodness Gerard stepped in to be leader, not an easy job when fellow MEPs publicly undermine you. Patrick O’Flynn keeps sniping about Gerard’s support for Tommy Robinson. It’s a difficult situation, we have to be a broad church and we have had a recent boost of popular support – something that has eluded O’Flynn at every election since the easy win of an MEP’s ‘job’. 

Gerard also has to suffer Nigel’s insults but Nigel left the battlefield at the most excruciating time imaginable, one of the worst political decisions in modern history. Oh how our enemies must have laughed. Now he stands on the sidelines saying he ‘might come back to save us’. That’s a bit rich after Gerard saved UKIP from collapse, thanks to Nigel’s bizarre support for Henry Bolton.


Gerard has done some very good things since steering us away from a financial catastrophe. He has massively extended our appeal by welcoming young and hugely successful online stars Paul Joseph Watson, Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akaad) and Mark Meechan (aka Count Dankula). This was brave and radical. These hugely competent young men are a breath of fresh air from the predictable, bigoted BBC/Sky presenters we are forced to watch on ‘state’ TV. Journalism used to question and challenge but now our mainstream media is 99% the same Soros/EU/Marxist message. They lie in the most cunning ways, mostly by omission and suffocating bias.

Gerard has also unveiled our new website. I’ve been begging for this for years and was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen. It looks good but a word of warning; ‘content is king’. It MUST be kept sharp and up to date. 


Richard Branson didn’t become a billionaire by flying aeroplanes himself, he got other COMPETENT people to do that job. Similarly, Gerard now needs to unleash the ‘power of the team’ by appointing good people to key positions as Spokesmen and women, something that Nigel patently failed to do, branding UKIP as a one-man band. By contrast, AfD in Germany won 5.8 million votes last election after only five years existence, they now have Angela Merkel by the handbag. They did that because they looked and sounded like a team, a government-in-waiting. Their output in print and online is stunning. Their spokesmen are brave and honest. Watch THIS. 

If we are to be the serious ‘alternative for Britain’, we need to look like a team, working together. The first appointment Gerard needs to make and absolutely key in any political party, is the Economics Spokesman, or Shadow Chancellor. I see no contest here, we have the highly energetic CATHERINE BLAIKLOCK. Her written output is extraordinary. Recently on BBC Radio Norfolk she stole the show. Her financial background is impeccable. She would eat Hammond and McDonnell for breakfast on TV. If anyone has better suggestions, let’s arrange a hustings. She’ll win hands down. 

Second, we need a Shadow Home Secretary. Spiralling violent crime is an outrage in Britain. The useless Tories are NOT in control of our streets. Labour loves the chaos and the LibDems live in blissful ignorance, in areas where house price apartheid keeps criminals at a safe distance.

Third, we need a bold Spokesman for Borders and Migration. This is an easy win for UKIP. We need destroy the myth that ‘all immigration is good’. It obviously isn’t. We need vetted immigration, urgently. The EU is dishing out close to a million new passports a year to people with minimal or no vetting.   

Fourth, Education Spokesman, no contest, has to be David Kurten!

Fifth, sixth, seventh spokesmen? We certainly need Redvers Cunningham, Chairman of UKIP Spelthorne in some capacity. He was faultless on BBC Surrey recently. He is as good, if not better, than many of Britain’s high profile MPs. There are plenty of vacant slots, NHS, Transport, Defence, Animal Rights, Housing – let’s get started!

We also need young and female faces to be more prominent, why isn’t Reece Coombes promoted more? There ARE countless other really good people around UKIP, let’s make the most of them!

Who do YOU think should be UKIP’s spokesmen? Please leave a comment or if you prefer privately, to me at:

ps. If anyone is wondering, yes we are going to run the poster truck again soon, can’t say too much, we don’t want to tell the enemy what’s coming.


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