To understand the state of Brexit today, let’s start by looking at the macroeconomic situation. The economic situation in the US is rapidly deteriorating, in spite of the illusions pedalled by politicians and bankers that things are improving.

I’m going to use a couple of alternative media sources here, not because I’ve relied on them for research but for illustrative purposes, I’ve a limited word count and they explain this very well.

This X22 report, explains what is really happening to the US economy and I think it’s something that we all realise. Debt in the US, government, corporate and consumer has been increasing dramatically at an alarming and exponential rate.,

Meanwhile, jobs have been disappearing, there is a crisis in retail as consumers just don’t have the money to spend, these are the first signs of a crisis and the tax take is insufficient to service let alone reduce government debt.

The US government is heavily dependent on the dollar’s reserve currency status and the petrodollar to maintain debt that would be otherwise unsustainable. Things are about to change, however.

In approximately two months time, China will launch the petroyuan, this is the pin that will finally pop the US debt bubble and it is imminent.

During similar events in history, for example, the World Reserve currency moving from Sterling to the Dollar, These events have always resulted in war as the first two World Wars are a testament to; many believe the same will happen this time and there are currently plenty of flashpoints for this to start.

George Soros said that he expected China to become the engine of a global economy, not as big as the US was, but an engine nonetheless. This is significant, because as Anonymous says here, they explain it very well and I agree with them, the purpose isn’t to establish the Yuan as the World Reserve Currency, but simply destroy the US dollar.

The World Reserve Currency in waiting is the Special Drawing Right (SDR) of which the Yuan is included. For all the talk of conflict with North Korea, China and Russia, it was all subterfuge; Russia and China are too tied up with the International Monetary Fund and Bank of International Settlements, all organisations owned by international bankers.

The US is in dire financial trouble, is politically unstable as its democracy is under attack. When the dollar collapses, there will be worldwide repercussions; the collapse will be contagious throughout The West. Conflict yes, probably more proxy wars with North Korea and others to provide a distraction. Who knows for sure?

We are in a similar situation in the UK, we’re heavily burdened with unrepayable debt, jobs have disappeared overseas, yet we have massive immigration and a rapidly increasing welfare dependency. Public services, particularly the Health Service are overburdened and will disappear.

The next financial crisis will cause chaos in the West as we find out that government policies on immigration and the economy were just an attack upon us. Our country is overpopulated and dependent on imported food, when there are disruptions in supply chains, there will be violence as racial tensions explode and the population organises itself along ethnic lines as it fights for resources. Our country will be dragged down to the level of the Third World.

When the US dollar crashes and the launch of the petroyuan will mark the start of this, there will be, I estimate (or guess) between five and seven years of chaos and conflict. The Special Drawing Right will be implemented by means of a Blockchain currency or Cryptocurrency.

Which brings us to Brexit. The government under Theresa May, has stalled over Brexit by any means available, they are now determined to agree a transition period…anything to delay Brexit.

Brexit will never happen in any meaningful way (unless we force it), by the end of the transition period, the New World Order will be established, there will be a One World Currency, the European Union will become an obsolete prototype, the United Nations will rule. We’re just being kept in-line and tied to the EU while the globalists spring their trap.

We have been fooled again by the Masters of Illusion as they’ve undermined our democracy over a period of many decades and the end-game is imminent, perhaps only weeks away. We’ve been very naive; we’ve believed the hype and refused to believe that the debt party would come to an end.

We were once the proud owners of one of the world’s oldest democracies, but this hasn’t existed for a long time. We can see that our politicians represent international bankers when they are supposed to represent us the people: democracy has become another illusion.

These Masters of Illusion are brilliant strategic thinkers; they are planning for a time soon when Artificial Intelligence will make billions of us redundant. Most of the services that we’ve taken for granted were brought about during the Industrial Revolution when there was an incentive to look after the workers: not anymore, we’re becoming an inconvenience.

It is ironic to think that as we were celebrating Brexit, Trump and the anarchy of Bitcoin, these were going to turn out to be minor battles and we were losing the war all along.

If we want to survive in our own country, we’re very short of time, perhaps only weeks or months remain, after years of discussing this, the end-game is here.

We must demand representation and a true democracy, demand by whatever means necessary and that must start with an immediate and unconditional Brexit no matter what. The economy is going to dive anyway, this is what Tony Blair and his Ministry of Truth is waiting for and relying on, it’s all been planned.

I and many others predict that 2018 will be chaotic as the New World Order will spring their trap. We have a few weeks left to do something about it, otherwise there will be a new Dark Age and the Renaissance will be a long time coming.

You may all think I’m mad, you won’t have to wait long to find out.

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