Quick update and a few pics from yesterday (Friday 3rd August). I’m leaving the house soon to start Round 2 – will report later if I survive.

We had ‘mixed’ reactions yesterday, a lot of support, some just stared blankly, some shouted ‘what are you doing in London?’ which is bizarre. Some were abusive, a few were spoiling for a fight, the big Hungarian driver and I stood our ground and made them think again.


I had a nose to nose confrontation with a git outside the BBC who kept banging on about the ‘People’s vote’, I got back in the truck and on the PA to point out we’d already had a people’s vote but would welcome a 2nd referendum if we could share the resources of the disgustingly biased BBC and British media, which the gathering crowd looked shocked to hear.






This is front line public politicking, right in the heart of the beast, very different to what our lazy MEPs do, safely tweeting to their little echo chambers and then going out for another lunch.

Sloane Square, Hanover Square, Piccadilly, Regent Street and the City were HEAVING with people.





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