Since we voted OUT nearly two years ago, the Brexit wreckers have been busily trying to undermine the will of the people. The wreckers are not only the usual suspects sat in Brussels – they are also right here in London and Dublin.

One headline in today’s MSM caught my eyes. It’s in the Telegraph:

DUP threatens to bring down Theresa May’s Government if it crosses Customs Union red line

As far as the rest of the MSM are concerned, that’s a non-issue …

Let us recall – something our wrecker MPs and Lords seem to be incapable of – that the government pamphlet, sent out to all households in the UK, at a cost of £9 million paid for by us taxpayers, that Cameron’s government made two things starkly clear. One was that voting to Leave meant we would leave the Single Market and the Customs Union. The other was that the government would implement the vote of the people.

We all understood this. We’re not idiots. Despite Project Fear, Brexit is what we voted for. Our representatives however think we got it wrong and are working to scupper our will by hook and by crook.

Let us recall – again something our wrecker MPs and Lords are conveniently reluctant to do – that they, i.e. both Houses of Parliament, voted for holding a referendum and voted for the text on the referendum ballot. They knew perfectly well what this vote implied!

Now they wish this never happened, now they wish to put the genie, our Leave vote, back into the bottle. They, with the help of the MSM and Brussels, are doing their utmost to wreck what we voted for.

They thought then that we’d follow their lame arguments, their scare tactics, and vote Remain. They have been denigrating us ever since.

They have and are colluding with Brussels and Dublin, supported by the unprecedented treason of Whitehall. They have managed to turn the issue of regaining our Sovereignty into a scrabble for money by demanding we stay in the Single Market and Customs Union, something which profits some of the Big Global Businesses but not our people. I’ll just mention Fisheries …

The issue of the border between Eire and NI has been blown out of all proportions by Brussels, Eire and our Brexit wreckers because it’s apparently far too difficult to control properly the roads into NI. Some goods might escape paying tariffs – the horror! So they now use the threat of a recurrence of IRA terrorism should we actually leave to get us back in line. That is despicable!

But far worse still are two other issues. One is that the Brexit wreckers are blustering about representing the will of the people by scrutinising the proposed Brexit Treaty with Brussels to death, something which the Houses of Parliament have neglected to do over EU legislation ever since we joined the EU. Don’t think they do so because they are taking seriously their responsibility towards us, who voted them in. No – it’s because of money, their money.

How many ‘Lords’, how many MPs, haven’t had a little something from the EU! How much money has gone to the BBC from the EU, how many lovely dinner dates and invitations from ‘high-powered’ EU entities haven’t been handed out … all those glittering things which they will lose when we’re out. Having a pension from us for their work as MPs isn’t enough, is it, my Lords Clegg and Patten – no, your EU pensions are under threat if you don’t push the remain case. What is freedom from the ECJ compared to that!

Worse however is that all those Brexit wreckers, in their two-year campaign, have undermined our standing in the world. Listening to them one would think that Great Britain is a feeble entity, incapable of taking a single step in the horrible world without the help and guidance from our ‘friends’ across the Channel.

Isn’t it staggering that Mexico can achieve a free trade agreement with the EU without having to be in the Single Market and Customs Union, without agreeing to free movement of people? Does it even occur to our MPs and ‘Lords’ and MSM to ask their Brussels ‘partners’ why this cannot be offered to us, who have paid into Brussels coffers for decades?

One of the tenets in the UN Charter is that the people have a right to Independence. Let’s ask our Brexit wreckers how they can be staunch anti-colonialists on the one hand – they all deplore the history of our British Empire as ‘colonialist’ at the drop of a hat – but strive to keep us as colony of Brussels? How can they make noises about Independence, be it for Scotland or Wales or Catalonia, while striving to deny us Independence from Brussels?

It’s time for us Brexiteers to understand that the actual colonialists are sitting in our Houses of Parliament. We, the voters, are the ones colonised. They, working with those across the Channel, strive to keep us in bondage while playing their own power games: another snap election (see here) so that Corbyn’s Labour can ‘give’ us another referendum, a referendum which, with the massed powers of Brussels and our MSM they aim to win. For access to their filthy lucre which we provide with our taxes …

In some dark hours I think that even the voices of prominent Brexiteers are only allowed to be heard because those who really pull the strings still think they have the power to make Brexit go away. While we have squabbled amongst ourselves, it looks as if they are going to get away with it. Paraphrasing G.K. Chesterton’s aphorism about Christianity, it’s as if Independence, which we accorded to all our former colonies, is now too difficult for us in Great Britain to achieve and should not even be tried. Using another biblical imagery, the Brexit wreckers prefer to stay with the fleshpots of the Brussels pharaohs, our slavery notwithstanding. 

As for us – will we let Brexit die with a whimper?


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