Most of us who are native Brits or whose parents were Commonwealth or European immigrants have recent ancestors who fought in World Wars or contributed in other ways to preserve our independence.  Of course we might also have long-forgotten ancestors who fought in earlier wars for our survival as an independent nation.

Whether those people fought on the Somme, took part in other horrific battles or worked tirelessly in the aircraft and munitions factories they all showed absolute commitment to the task in hand.

What would our lives be like now if they had turned their backs?

We have a long history as an independent nation.  Our ancestors contributed much to the world, including the start of mechanisation in agriculture, the industrial revolution, democratic government, a fair legal system and much more.  Of course there are those who would denounce colonisation, even though it was being pursued by all European countries.  I would argue from my experience in some of those countries that they are better places to live today because of it, whilst many of those who remained ‘independent’ seem to live in perpetual chaos.

For those of us who experienced a few years of adult life before Heath took us into the EU there is neither unknown nor fear; we know that we will prosper outside the EU.

It is both natural and expected that those who have known nothing other than life under EU rules will fear change.  Unfortunately many will have succumbed to the bias promoted by their recent education and spewed forth every day by the media.  We need to work tirelessly to inform them of the reality in the face of ever more government propaganda which, annoyingly, we are forced to fund.

Fear can be overcome; just like those who were surely scared witless during battle but managed to carry on fighting, we can steel ourselves and do the necessary.

The enemy has already made inroads into our independence over the years and there is much to do to eliminate their influence and to remove from government those who choose to ally themselves with that enemy.

Just as our ancestors fought to preserve the independence we enjoy, we owe it to our descendants to fight and keep it.  There will always be those who seek to impose ever greater control over us; we need to remain vigilant.

The referendum is one battle to be won, but even if we fail in that we must regroup and continue to fight.

As our ancestors did, we need to remain confident in our ability to defeat the enemy; given the right attitude we will succeed. We are after all men not mice.

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