I lived in New Zealand for a while. I remember a beautiful sunny morning, standing at a Marae (Maori meeting place); I had been invited to perform a Mihi (Maori meeting or introduction). It was an exciting time for me, I had spent a long time learning how to make this introduction in the Maori language as I’d grown very fond of the Maoris and wanted to do it well.

After the Mihi I had to give a little talk about myself and so I told them about some of my travels. During this talk a person (not Maori) ranted and raved at me because she thought I was being racist, it seems it was a crime to even admit to the existence of race, all I said was: “when in Rome I do as the Romans.” I just want to look at some of the likely outcomes of this Politically Correct madness.

The Maoris are a very warm communal people, very connected with the land, very different from us Pakeha (fair skinned people). When a Maori goes fishing or hunting, he doesn’t keep all of the fish and meat for himself, he shares it with his Whānau (family), Iwi (tribe), or really just his community. When I was living amongst Maoris, I was never short of fish or meat.

Maoris feel very lonely in the world of the Pakeha because of their communal nature. If we were to enforce the sort of political correctness on Maoris as the useful idiot at my Mihi suggested and not allow them to pursue their own culture, we would disenfranchise and suppress them; they would lead sorrowful and wretched lives. For this reason, it is important to realise the significance of the Treaty of Waitangi. The Treaty of Waitangi is the founding document of New Zealand as a nation and it was an agreement between the British Crown and the Maoris that defined our relationship with them. This treaty is now under threat.

Professor Jane Kelsey of the University of Auckland is one of New Zealand’s best-known critical commentators on issues of globalisation and neoliberalism. Professor Kelsey has researched the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) extensively and concludes: “the TPPA is not about trade it is about curbing national sovereignty.” This should be starting to ring a few bells?

The Treaty of Waitangi, was a treaty between the British Crown and the Maoris, but the British government have gone, leaving just the Queen. The TPPA has the potential to undermine this treaty, because suddenly, it is supposed to include a host of other countries. Another issue that has been highlighted is that the New Zealand government, since the British left, have never had a written constitution. The legal consequences of all of this, I can’t personally pick the bones out of as I’m not a Lawyer, the Maoris however are quite rightly furious. The Maoris are starting to feel very insecure as the Treaty that has protected their rights for so many years is under threat. The New Zealand government, despite massive protests by its citizens, are determined to ratify the TPPA at all costs, thus trampling over the rights of these citizens. The Maoris have asked for the Queen’s help, whether that help is forthcoming or not I don’t know. This situation too should be starting to ring a few bells?

[envoke_twitter_link]As Professor Kelsey says: “this is a fight about the future of our children.”[/envoke_twitter_link]

When we look at other places in the world where people, their cultures or even whole races have been disenfranchised, for example Israel (or Palestine), Northern Ireland or the ex-Yugoslavia, we can see that racial or cultural tensions can fester for sometimes centuries. These tensions almost always end in disaster and I sometimes wonder what this hypothesis means for the United Kingdom. When you upset the cultural balance of the world the Chaos Theory that I talked about in one of my other articles certainly applies and will lead to unintended consequences. This is why I pursue my live and let live way of life; “when in Rome I do as the Romans.”

Another point that I’m trying to make is that democracy is under threat, not just in the United Kingdom and Europe, but globally, many of these democracies were our ex-colonies and may one day be needing perhaps a little support. Our relationship with our ex-colonies may have changed forever (good job too), but I get the feeling that in a new and very much less dominant role they’d be happy to see us again, even if that doesn’t include all of their politicians. We don’t need to worry about leaving the European Union, there are plenty of other people that would like to do business with us.

Nigel Farage makes a very valid point when he says that the [envoke_twitter_link]European Union is not undemocratic it is anti-democratic.[/envoke_twitter_link] If we allow the EU to extinguish the faint flickering light of one of the world’s oldest democracies, places like New Zealand will be very easily overwhelmed and many other places in the world too. Within a relatively short period of time democracies all around the world could be extinguished.

On the 23rd of June, you will be asked to make a decision that will not only be extremely important for the future of your children, but for the future of millions of other children around the world too. Do not let the likes of David Cameron trivialise this decision, it is not about small increases in the cost of living, although these things may feel important now, they pale into insignificance in the greater scheme of things. David Cameron is insulting us.

When I look at the world today, it is frightening how many beguiled, starry eyed politicians and other politically correct useless idiots there are, people that are rallying to the call of ‘False Prophets’ and they are leading us into Perdition. I hate to use Biblical terms but in this case it seems so appropriate. The world that our children could inherit has the potential to be a very cold, disenfranchising and violent place and that is before I mention some of the other aspects of what is happening today.

On the 23rd of June, you must ignore David Cameron and consider your decision very carefully; there is a huge burden of responsibility being placed on your shoulders.

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