The case for a second referendum is becoming compelling.

The church bells are ringing…Watch out for paratroopers dressed as nuns…

The lack of clarity and direction from Mrs May – created ENTIRELY by design- is creating a shift in public opinion since Chequers as May refuses to deliver the clear -‘hard’- Brexit sanctioned by the 2016 vote.

This means that the Remainers, right now, are beginning to win the hearts and minds of the British people.  I doubt if many readers here support a second referendum – “R2” – but how many support May’s Chequers compromise?  All it takes is for Brexit to become so soft that it’s really actually worse than being fully in the EU for May to survive the summer.

Currently that looks very likely.

The enemy is at YOUR door, with a bayonet in one hand and a half-eaten baby in the other… and STILL no one wants to believe it.

Ridiculous? We see, daily, ever more ridiculous scare stories; the Army is on standby; food will need rationing; insulin will run out; fruit is rotting on the trees…our aircraft will be refused Irish air-space…. The list – which Andrew Neil said over the weekend was in ‘the theatre of the absurd’ is part of the treasonous May cabinet’s black propaganda campaign with the full backing of the most influential and highly intelligent media commentators and from the most persistent and persuasive media outlets.

Be in no doubt that we have an almighty fight on our hands.

It’s a dirty fight.

We are losing the war.

The church bells are ringing…Watch out for paratroopers dressed as nuns…

But I can see no way that the Tory Party will oust May.  To do so would almost certainly mean a Jacob Rees-Mogg or Boris Johnson led government and therefore the hard Brexit the 17.4 million want but which privately most MP’s do not.

They are scared of a general election as a great many Tories will lose their seats- due in the main to their UKIP assassins in the poll booths.  Self -interest first- country last as has always been the Conservative mantra.  Don’t expect most of our UKIP MEP’s to stand up for us either.  A lot have defected. Most of their noses are firmly in the EU money trough.  I would go as far to say that most actually want to remain. The fifth column.

Our strategy has to be to force a general election.

By fair means or foul.

The democratic survival of Britain now relies on YOU.

The Tories will know they have to ditch May or lose to Corbyn and his Momentum stormtroopers – with the disastrous consequences that will bring.

The church bells are ringing…Watch out for paratroopers dressed as nuns…

Once that happens, UKIP will be proscribed as ‘racist’, Sadiq Khan’s Twitter police will be knocking on our doors, and Britain will descend into a truly dark age. Ridiculous? It’s already being spoken about.

The church bells are ringing…Watch out for paratroopers dressed as nuns…

So, as usual, it’s going to be the troops on the ground – the ordinary British patriots- the Home Guard, if you like…. who will have to get their hands dirty.  We must all try and recruit new members. Even one each will help. We need to practice public speaking, need to go to meetings we organise and all write to our MP’s and/or influencers and get ready.

If you are not on Twitter, join it and follow each other.  Start your OWN propaganda war.  I’ve already started.  So it seems has Russell Hicks. So has Freddy.  So have Luke and Martin…There are others on this site that are also active.

But…… I saw from Freddy’s arithmetic…. only 6000 members out of 22000 voted in the NEC elections. That SHOWS how bad UKIP is about mobilising effort.  Only a quarter voted????  (I didn’t even know there WAS an election.)

Well, that attitude will cost us the COUNTRY.  Now, expect no grand strategy or leadership from UKIP’s own powers-that-be either.  Good as he is Gerard can’t do it all and he doesn’t seem to understand or grasp social media or media in general, and nor do his ‘press team’ since Gawain, whoever the hell they might be…  UKIP is crap at it.

After a recent comment on this site, when I pointed out how dangerous someone like Gary Lineker was, I was mocked for overstating his influence.  Well, with 7 million followers on Twitter his anti- Brexit influence FAR outweighs pro- Brexit Gerard’s 22 thousand followers.

We have no time to lose and no time to wait for knights-in-shining armour. America is not coming to rescue us… And forget …. PLEASE… about Nigel Farage.  He’s a radio star now, and earned 700,000 Euros from it last year… Think about it.

Pay attention… the church bells are ringing and the paratroopers dressed as nuns are near…

Expect no media strategy, no online strategy or organisation. Expect nothing from TPTB.  They are all ditherers. Expect nothing from our GLA representatives either. Practically invisible. Can’t be bothered to contribute on this site or MBGA……Never answer questions or e-mails…. And proven useless in by-elections.

Who are and where are the NEC?  Apart from Liz Jones and a couple of others, most are silent. Perhaps they can’t type or use a computer?  Thank goodness Ben Walker and Nathan … who are active… got in.

It’s down to hard-core individuals, individual members, individual branches and the few- very few- good regional chairs to get up and make a difference.  Think of it as a resistance movement. Cells working towards a common cause rather than a ‘People’s Army’.  Because the generals can’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

The church bells are ringing…Watch out for paratroopers dressed as nuns…

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