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When people think of pollution, they seem to view what is visible, such as Fly Tipping, oil spills and plastic rubbish in the Oceans. That which is visible to the eye is really just the visible tip of the huge Iceberg of pollution.

Many moons ago when I was at school, the academic hierarchy used letters of the alphabet to judge children’s ability. A was the top grade and as letters changed the grade descended in alphabetical order B,C,D,E,F,G. Each year was defined in numbers 1st,2nd  ,3rd,4th  ,5th ,6th ,7th. Children are naturally creative and we used to choose words to fit grades and G meant Gormless, the meaning was ‘failing to understand’. In the 21st century, Gormless is termed “Wilful Blindness”.

Before we get started on the class of 5G, I like to mention “They”,  which could be termed “The powers that be” . If someone has a bright idea and discusses it with friends, “ They” is often used to describe the force that will block or support the idea. I refer  to “They” as the TWYDOUS ( “They Want You Dead Or Unwell Squad.”) … an ‘aide memoire’, if you wish, to respecting their power and position.

The Narrative we listen to is broadcast by the MSM and tells us about a golden future, that is now possible thanks to the arrival of 5G internet speed so that the internet of things is now in sight, where all is controlled by benign artificial intelligence that is smarter than we are, cancer will be just an inconvenience cured with a pill, etc,etc. 

Common Sense has no place in reductionist theories or in their narratives. A Fact becomes a Fact when it has been “Peer Reviewed” I.e by a different group from the same discipline, confirming the findings of the first group to have “discovered” said Fact.

There is another type of fact titled “Factoid”. Factoids are given credibility by constant repetition over time but there is no provenance to support  their use. For example a mobile phone will emit microwave radiation into the user’s body, however as long as no conclusive research is carried out, it is safe and therefore harmless.

Ever since the dawn of life on Earth, lifeforms use the natural radiation from the Sun that falls on Earth as part of the web of life which  I call the “Bionet”. Since the development of electricity and broadcasting, it has been compromised more and more by man’s creative activity.

The Class of 5G is the use of “Common Sense”. 

If injuring the web of life is injuring you?  

Then the causes of Injury must be removed. 

QED. It really is that simple, and pictures are worth a thousand words!

This link takes you to “Resonance. Beings of Frequency” which is the best introduction to the “Bionet” I have viewed.


This link takes you to the effects of 5G from the first Smart Meters and how to protect yourself, family and friends.


I took the picture accompanying this article from above “Hopes Nose” in Torquay in July 2015. It was an interesting  experience, in that I felt as if I was standing on the sea bed looking up at the waves passing over my head. I had not seen this before. Sometime later the Met Office announced that new types of clouds had been discovered, whereas I had discovered that these particular clouds were caused by Microwave radiation.

Later still I shared my beef burger and chips with a seagull in a ‘no feeding’ zone. Well it was only fair, as we humans have been eating all their fish.  Rebellion accomplished, I thought: eat your heart out Che Guavara! And the very next day I had just bought another beef burger for lunch and was heading for the Seating and Eating area as a seagull swooped and skilfully removed the Beef burger from  my hand, without a scratch. I was suitably impressed and laughed out loud at the perceived “If you take my lunch, I’ll take yours!” 

I plan to write a follow-up piece but will have to do a little more research, so please watch this space …



(Photo courtesy of Davian Views)


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