There’s a remarkable piece of confusion shown by the Left.

When it comes to opinions that differ from theirs, they are all for silencing those daring to hold those different opinion – certainly in public.

From banning them from social media (see eg this article) to shouting them down on comment pages to no platforming to ‘demonstrating’ it’s all one and the same: make opposing opinions vanish from the public space.

However, truly vile, offensive ‘opinions’ and videos are protected, because, just as in the decades-long cases against grooming gangs, ‘it’s their culture and who are we to judge’.  One only has to check out how those social media giants are treating conservative accounts (close them/ban them) to see the difference.

Oddly enough, the publishers, never mind the murderers themselves, of a photo showing the head of an American they just had beheaded, haven’t been touched, nor has twitter, where that photo was originally tweeted. The one person who has now been indicted for retweeting this photo! is Madame Marine Le Pen. The US parents of that beheaded victim were offended … one couldn’t make it up!

If there is anything in the past couple of years which shows clearly that under the mantle of benevolence and understanding of victims hides the good old, tried-and-tested Stalinist iron fist then it’s this persecution of people using the new media, using the social media, even unto destroying their livelihoods by demanding and enforcing Big Business advertisers not to advertise on their channels.

The same people and politicians who have been telling us for years that it’s about choice, our choice, have now shown clearly that this choice is a chimera, that it is about ChINO: Choice in Name Only: you can have Free Speech, but we decide what you are allowed to talk about. If you dissent then you will lose your platform, your income, your job … We do remember where that road leads to.

There is another blatant confusion prevalent amongst The Left. That is their attitude towards religion. For decades, they have attacked Christianity openly and have subverted e.g. the Church of England covertly, by infiltrating Lefties who now define the religious discourse and who have led to many Christians leaving their Church, thus silencing them.

The confusion lies where it comes to other religions. One would have assumed that the Left, being secular, agnostic or atheist, would have attacked the other big religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam – with equal ferocity. They have not. At first glance that would seem to be strange – but of course, given the value the Left puts on multi-culti, it isn’t: adherents of those religions, to express it inoffensively, possess melanin-enriched skin and thus are victims first and foremost. They are protected. It doesn’t matter at all that one of those big religions – three guesses which one – has become the most violent, bloodthirsty and indeed criminal one of them all. The Left brushes that aside with well-practised Whataboutery.

The question we must ask is: what has led The Left to this confusion? Is it a deficit in clear, logical, critical thinking? Is it a deficit in being taught how to ask questions? Those in the public sphere seem to think in stereotypes, only arguing in slogans and when confronted just shouting and proceeding to use violence.

I’m reminded of a saying ascribed to Lenin, that the last capitalist would sell him the rope with which to hang him. The Left, for some strange reason, is undermining and selling out our culture, the Western culture, based on values of tolerance, law, free speech and equality, the culture which has given rise to the Human Rights on which the Left proclaims they stand, the culture which allows them their freedom to dissent from conservatives. They are selling it out to the avowed enemies of that culture. They don’t know, don’t want to know and suppress reports except for those manipulated by their favourite Leftist writers, reports about the other great religions, Hindus and Buddhists, standing up to islam. They and their helpers in the MSM do not report about that immense, secular and still communist state China standing up to and curtailing islamic activism. That doesn’t fit their worldview.

Free Speech is one of the basics of our Western Society. Without Free Speech there is no possibility of dissent. Dissenters, as Stalin has shown us, must go to the GULAG, or in our more ‘enlightened’ society, must have their livelihoods destroyed.

The Left doesn’t seem to understand that there is a very small step indeed from “Hate Speech”, prosecuted in a society where they have the power to determine what this hate speech is, to sharia blasphemy laws to which they will be subjected once they’ve got rid of us dissenters, when the islamic forces which they have called into our country (‘to rub the noses of the Tories in’) gain supremacy.

Sadly, it seems as if thinking logically and thinking ahead are faculties the Left is missing. That’s why there is confusion on the Left. And that’s why they will be forced to re-learn Pastor Niemöller’s poem.

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