“I have very little hope for the country. It’s going to be bad, it’s going to be Brazil first, we’re about to lose Texas and Florida. Those elections were razor thin. And every day, more and more immigrants turn 18 and start voting, cancelling out all your votes. It’s about five more years, Trump will be the last Republican president. [Emphasis added]”

Above is a quote from Ann Coulter, reported in an article on Breitbart by John Binder (see here).

Of course, this is exactly what is happening in our country too, we’re all aware of the demographic projections. We’re not just having to compete with these people for our own resources and facing the dissolution of our own culture but we are being politically disenfranchised in our own country as well.

The only proviso to the above is that at least some immigrants are very keen to pull up the ladder behind themselves. Having escaped the Third World they have absolutely no desire to return, they are not as naive as we have been.

In the past all of this has been dismissed as conspiracy theories or far right extremism, but now it is becoming just too apparent. Macron, Merkel and many other globalists don’t even try to hide this anymore, they openly admit that they wish to see an end to the nation state.

The globalists don’t hide the above fact any more because they feel that they have handed us a fait accompli, and Theresa May’s Brexit deal would be the final coup d’etat.

Immigration at the level we’ve seen in recent years is very hard to undo but the European Union want to make sure it continues. They had no intention of letting us leave their foul Fascist dictatorship and neither did Theresa May.

A Brexit In Name Only that reduces us to a vassal state will ensure that the EU’s globalist plan continues unabated, those stubborn Brits suppressed and our country assimilated.

Globalisation has turned from a conspiracy theory into a frightening reality, aided by frameworks such as Agenda 21/2030 and now the UN Global Compact on Migration, enforced by the rulings of intra national courts such as the UN Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights.

As I’ve said before, globalisation has been planned in meticulous detail, but the building blocks have been assembled stealthily around us while we’ve failed to notice the walls closing in around us. This is why I’ve been talking about systems theory so much lately. I wanted you all to be able to see this nebulous system that is forming around us as we speak or type.

The globalists however – they’re not exactly nice people are they. These people have in pursuit of their objectives started wars all around the world, killed untold thousands of women and children (all things to be discussed in more detail) and I think they’d like to get another war started right now or as soon as possible.

Not nice people indeed, as evil as they come actually and Theresa May is one of them. Theresa May has been accused of treason and she is certainly guilty of that, but this is a term that we’ve started to bandy around and it doesn’t do Theresa May justice, she is far worse, she is a thoroughly depraved, evil and foul creature.

It is dreadful to think that Theresa May is running our country, our Prime Minister, she cares not one bit in the slightest about the people that she was never elected to represent, or her own indigenous countrymen, women and children.

Our country is being taken from us by a hostile, Fascist force, an invasion by any other name, and we’ve executed people for far lesser acts of treason. I’ve suggested hanging but I could get far more creative, I could imagine all sorts of frightening and gory methods to execute Theresa May and none of them would be severe enough.

Unfortunately, I don’t see our current situation ending well. Multiculturalism was always a lie and the globalists know this, Merkel has admitted it yet she’s still facilitated the invasion of her own country. Again, they just couldn’t care less: Psychopaths!.

The 2008 Financial Crisis was papered over with printed money, the world economy never reached escape velocity, it was always kicking the can down the road. I’ll include a couple videos here, the latest from The Money GPS, I’ve been using his videos lately because his thoughts are in line with my own and it saves me a lot of typing.

Deutsche Bank Drops To RECORD LOW! GE Dramatically Falls To Level From 1994

“The Next Financial Crisis Will Be DEFLATION First, Then Massive INFLATION!”

I think in 2008 the globalists weren’t quite ready for a collapse. They needed to consolidate their wealth and power, they aimed to have trade deals in place like the TPP/TPPA etc. Fortunately Donald Trump threw a spanner in the works – unfortunately all we have is Theresa May. All of this will be blamed on Brexit of course, they’ve already started the narrative.

Globalist propaganda would have us believe that we’re going to live in a multicultural utopia. How were we ever stupid enough to believe that?

As our little island with its diminishing industry and rapidly rising population faces a financial catastrophe, as jobs disappear as they already are all over the world (General Electric, General Motors are the latest casualties among others), as we compete for disappearing resources in our tiny overpopulated country: what do you think will happen then? Do you think the globalists don’t realise this?

Our society, in its desperation, will divide along ethnic lines to fight for these resources. It’ll be a bloodbath: do you think the globalists don’t realise this too?

We Brits will need a plan to survive and I’ve thought of that too.


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