Editor’s Note: This article is quite forthright in its purpose, but in a very proper way, without emotion or insult. However, it does not represent any official UKIP view or policy, it solely represents the views of the author – different readers may agree or disagree with his views. Please feel free to comment. 

Our nation is being infected by an alien, virulent ideology that by its actions, and abetted by the passivity of its adherents, is determined to destroy us if we let it. Thus I believe the time for procrastination is over; platitudes and meek appeals simply enforce the view that we are weak and timid – a pushover. Cameron’s words from Bratislava are welcome but don’t go far enough.

The danger presented by certain sections within our own society is great, most alarmingly among ethnic minorities either born here or who sought refuge among us. They take advantage of the blessings that this nation confers upon them but some are, or become, so blinkered, ungrateful, hateful and deluded that they turn on us. Their changed behaviour allegedly goes unnoticed within (more likely unchecked by) their own communities, allowing mass sexual abuse, electoral fraud, murders and explosions to occur.

July 2015 sees the 10th anniversary of the London bombings, carried out by home grown terrorists, whose communities professed bewilderment as to why such seemingly pleasant, caring, quiet men should do such a thing. Remember all the calming, re-assuring but ultimately vacuous words uttered at the time by politicians and members of those communities? I recall Blair stating that Islam was a peaceful, tolerant religion. I didn’t believe that then and there is good reason to realise things have changed for the worse in the decade since. We have witnessed the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, Kenya’s Westgate shopping mall attack and the crimes of Boko Haram, Al Shabab and so-called Islamic State (IS).

Examples of the divided loyalties inherent in modern British society are abundant. How was it that a 17 year old, still on his journey to full manhood, was seduced into becoming a suicide bomber? What tormented, twisted ideas so easily infected his mind such that he thought dying by flame and disintegration in a foreign land was better than the life he had in Britain? Those who knew him say they are unable to understand why he did it but how was he able to fool them? And what of the three sisters and their nine children? Whatever could have been so attractive about the IS message, or so abhorrent about family and life in the UK, to entice them to decamp to the hellhole of Syria – and nobody noticed something wasn’t right? What does it say about the UK when US First Lady Michelle Obama visits a school in East London, only for the students on parade to be dressed as if attending an establishment somewhere in the Saudi Arabia?

Some areas of Middle East are in turmoil, riven by factions bent on the others’ destruction, but to what end? Others are kept in check by an iron hand. Now, from across the Mediterranean, comes a flood of overwhelmingly Muslim people who have no connection with Europe other than the idea they have a right to turn up on its shores uninvited and then expect to be taken into care, unwanted even by their fellow Muslims – so much for their solidarity and brotherhood. Yes, these people maybe fleeing persecution, hunger, violence and poverty and some of the hardships may have natural causes but many can be squarely blamed on their cultures and religion.

Islam is a proselytising religion that states that the purpose of existence is to worship their god and the duty of all Muslims is to convert the infidel. It has too many problems, hang-ups if you will, for it to have a comfortable existence in the West. Its primitive, patriarchal perspective crushes individuality, freedom of thought and expression in order to serve a rigid dogma that hinders most adherents from doing anything worthwhile. What a waste of human talent, energy and progress.

While Hindus and Sikhs seem able to live quietly and productively in Britain, the split personality resolutely persists there, too. A good example of this is to be found in an episode of the BBC series ‘Who do you think you are?’ about Wolverhampton-born Meera Syal, comedian, writer, playwright, singer, journalist, producer, actress. In it she is seen revelling in her Punjabi ancestry, speaking the language and participating in the rituals. Her grandfather had been involved in anti-British actions in the 1920s. Her proud, supportive comments on his actions were odd. She spoke of Britain in the third person but this is her birthplace, the same Britain that appears on her passport, the same Britain that allowed her comedic talents (Goodness Gracious Me; The Kumars at No 42) and other abilities to flourish and subsequently enrich her.

Either through cowardice or cynical electoral considerations, generations of our leaders have avoided tackling the root of the problems which face us today – unfettered multi-culturism. I feel we should now present the Muslim community in particular with straightforward options:

If you have chosen to live here, if you have a British passport, then your first allegiance is to this country. If you cannot practise that loyalty for fear of retribution, you have big questions to answer about your religion and community. If you are not openly and honestly with us then we must doubt you. If you mean or do us harm you are a traitor. Before any more death and damage results from your inability to live productive, inclusive lives in this country, you must go where you feel most at home. You are free to leave us at any time.

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