Having wasted the few, dull arrows he had in his Remain quiver on a pointless, hopeless and fruitless “re-negotiation” with a brick wall named Merkel, David Cameron has now prematurely shot his final, desperate, Remain arrow randomly into the air. Not surprisingly, it has missed its mark completely.

Cameron’s parting Brexit shot — and I hope it is — is nothing but the insipid regurgitation of the same tired, empty and failed scare mongering that bigoted, lunatic, swivel-eyed EU-philes, have been spraying around, like demented skunks, for years. You know the kind of fetid nonsense I’m talking about: we must quash our unseemly uppity Britishness, or we will inevitably fall afoul of trade collapse, national insignificance, cosmic oblivion, be overrun by criminals etc… Cameron is trying to convince us that There be Pirates in them thar uncharted waters of UK independence. Apparently, Oxford University couldn’t spring for a British history book for Cameron to read while pretending to earn his PPE degree. (Note to Dave: Look in the index under “E” for Empire.)

Even as Cameron appeases and kowtows to the EU, he pretends to be locked and loaded for Brexit should anyone dare push him far enough. Does he honestly think anyone believes him, least of all those negotiating opponents he promises to be werry, werry cwoss with, so that he can get the UK its own heaping of milk and honey?

Cameron’s anti-Brexit tantrum has revealed him as the EU’s political infant, who is fit only for playing childish games of make-believe. When he’s in Brussels, he pretends to have a quiver full of pointy arrows that he’s willing to unleash at any moment. The grown-ups, seeing no arrows, indulge him, because, well, what harm can he do them, anyway? And, when Cameron’s in the UK, he pretends to have a mouthful of snarly, EU-chomping teeth, even as we all watch the likes of EU Commission VP Frans Timmermans gently spoon rhetorical stewed prunes — vague statements about the UK not having to adhere to some vague interpretation of “ever closer union” — into his gummy gob.

I don’t see where else Cameron goes from here regarding Brexit “negotiations”.

  • Treaty change is out.
  • Immigration reform is out.
  • Welfare reform is out.
  • Border control is out.
  • Unilateral trade deals are out.
  • Return of powers to Whitehall is out.

Indeed, the government doesn’t even WANT the return of powers, as is evident in their cowardly opt-in to the EU’s police state’s crime and policing regime, which, incidentally, negates 800 years of Common Law, the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights and Habeas Corpus.

And the other arguments, including the biggest and, as yet unexplained, contention that more people in a market necessarily means a more profitable economy, are unsupportable. If bigger markets assured better economies, then why does the US’ economic growth, with its 350 million people, consistently outstrip the EU’s with its 550 million population? And why is the EU’s economy growing more slowly than the “little” UK’s 75 million-person economy?  And, if higher population caused healthier economies, then the UK would be around 22nd on the list of world economies, not 5th or 6th as it currently is.

Of course, Cameron will keep lying, and snarling, and warning, and scare mongering, and fawning, and lying, and lying, and lying … and so will his globalist elite in-crowd across the world, all the way to the Brexit finish line. That’s just who he is.

But, as the Brexit referendum looms closer, some spoilsport in the media or political crowd is going to quietly point out that Emperor Dave has no clothes on; that Cameron is naked in his childish lies. There will be a nationwide sharp intake of breath at this revelation and, in an instant, Cameron will become Tony Blair: a pariah in what he pretends is his own land. And, like Blair, all that he has touched will be soiled, reviled and spurned. This, I sincerely hope, will include the Remain campaign. If it doesn’t — if we decide to remain in the EU despite being aware of Cameron’s infantile lies — then, frankly, we deserve all the tyranny and strife that ensues.

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