Here’s the European Union’s position on national sovereignty and, thus, on national democracy:

“National sovereignty is the root cause of the most crying evils of our times… The only final remedy for this supreme and catastrophic evil of our time is a federal union of the peoples…”

— Words on the wall in the EU Parliament’s Visitors Centre in Brussels, Belgium.

The EU is wrong.

It is totalitarian governance, which the EU practices, that is the cause of the world’s major evils. The national sovereignty of democratic nations is what has historically protected us from totalitarianism. The EU knows this, and it has spent the last few decades undermining democratic national sovereignty, typically re-branding it a primitive “populism” brandished by we “useless eaters”. (i.e. anyone who isn’t them).  Largely unchallenged, the EU’s quiet totalitarianism was surprisingly successful during its first 45 years. But then along came Nigel, kicking up a very public fuss about damp rags and bank clerks. Farage forced the world to turn its head to see what all the hubbub in an obscure little city called Brussels was about.

That’s when the EU knew that its totalitarian jig would soon be up unless it did something desperate. So it did something desperate: the EU created an EU “refugee crisis” out of thin air by making it clear that anyone who made it to EU shores would be accepted as an EU citizen. The world was invited, and now the world is coming, and refugee status isn’t even an afterthought any more; between 3% to 30% of the illegal immigrants who are forcing their way across EU member nations’ various borders qualify as refugees under international law.

Even if the now-discredited alleged “push” factors — war and unrest in Syria, Eritrea, Somalia etc — did apply to all the illegal immigrants in question, these illegal immigrants have remained in those sad lands under those adverse conditions for years. It is the EU’s irresponsible message to the developing world that its people now have the right to up sticks and treat Europe like a pick ‘n’ mix shelf of up-market post codes that brings nearly all of them here. This message is one of many “pull” factors that many believe the EU is deliberately disseminating. Others are:

  • the ad hoc interpretation/creation of EU “law” by “human rights” judges that make it almost impossible to deport illegal immigrants;
  • EU’s public slap in the face to Italy, telling it to cope with the invasion of illegal immigrants alone. This sent a clear message to potential illegal immigrants that the EU was divided on, and vulnerable to, illegal immigration;
  • the EU’s decision to force EU member nations to take illegal immigrants in, to the point of  unceremoniously turfing out EU citizens from their homes (in some countries), so that illegal immigrants could move into them. A Swedish charity is “encouraging” Swedes to open their homes to illegal immigrants;
  • most recently, and perhaps most deliberately, Angela Merkel’s blatant recruitment of illegal immigrants into Germany and, eventually, the EU.

The aim of all of these measures is to undermine the host populations’ assumptions that they live in democratic sovereign nations.

These are patently not the actions of an EU that wants the ongoing population replacement of its member nations to stop. These are the actions of an EU with the illegitimate power and urgent inclination to destroy national sovereignty as a necessary means to create and control a federation of European and “neighbourhood” states. Neighbourhood states include those nations that the EU is currently recruiting illegal immigrants from. This supranationalism at the end of the barrel of a gun might fairly be called ethnic cleansing.

A totally supranational world — a world government — is an abstract and dangerous notion held by psychologically damaged individuals who feel entitled to world domination. They are insane, and their plans will fail. The damage they will inflict on the world in the course of that failure, however, will be spectacular.

The only sane action to take now is for all EU member nations to quarantine themselves from the EU’s core of supranationalists by telling them no more. Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and others are already doing this. We in the UK need to do it, too, by voting Leave in the Brexit referendum. Outside the EU mad house we will be in the position to support, via foreign aid and trade relations, the people of those troubled nations, people who the EU has so cynically used to achieve its own political ends.

If we stay inside the EU, we make ourselves accessories to the EU’s supranationalism and its brutal attack on democratic national sovereignty.

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