On Sunday, Dec 6th 2015, and on the next, Dec 13th, there are local government elections in France. Polls show that the winner ought to be the FN, Marine Le Pen’s party.

I write ‘ought to’ because there were news a few days ago that the parties of M Hollande (socialists) and M Sarkozy (conservatives)  are aiming to make common cause to keep such victory from happening. To us, it is a now familiar scenario: two main parties who are allegedly political enemies gang up to keep one other party out by all means possible.

This is also the Sunday after the Oldham By Election, about which UKIP will raise a formal complaint. It surely should have raised eyebrows even amongst Labour Grandees such as Tom Watson when bundles of postal votes are seen to be carried into polling booths by hand, especially since the Electoral Commission had named Oldham as one of the blackspots for postal vote fraud in their report from January 2014!

Obviously, no changes to the law regarding postal voting have been made. Equally obviously, this sort of fraud is not a singular occurrence. It has been going on for some time, across our country. The careful reader will have noticed that the electoral blackspots listed in the linked article coincide with places where we’ve had reports of child sex abuse perpetrated by certain people coyly referred to in the MSM as ‘Asians’.

So far, government and national media have been able to pooh-pooh this because it was all ‘local’. Now it has reached Parliament – but I predict nothing will be done yet again because the two main parties profit by keeping things as they are since such fraud keeps them in power and keeps UKIP out, locally and nationally.

Just as in France, that seems to be the main aim: defame patriotic parties as ‘extreme’ with the help of national and international media, block their way into national parliaments and never mind what the electorate wants. After all, they are all racist bigots who don’t need to be heard.

There is however one huge difference between what happens in France and what happens here.

Here, nobody dares to mention ‘islam’ and the baleful influence that religion has had and is having on our culture and in our communities. After all, the metro-elites, Jeremy Corbyn first and foremost, even attend multi-culti ‘prayer’ meetings at the Finsbury mosque, to show ‘solidarity against islamophobia’ !

In France, Marine Le Pen firmly points out this baleful influence – and M Hollande actually closes a mosque in the wake of the terrorist attacks last month.

At a time when Cameron’s government is jubilant about our oh-so powerful war on ISIS by the RAF, it surely ought to ring alarm bells when even a certain Tony Blair warns about ISIS infiltration into Muslim communities here – communities where, as in Tower Hamlets and probably in Oldham, there’s a ‘whipped mosque vote’, telling attendees that they have to vote a certain way else they are not ‘proper Muslims’ and will go to hell … And wouldn’t you know, as if ordered, we got an attempted decapitation at a tube station in East London yesterday, “for Syria” …

Isn’t it well past time for the gloves to come off?

Isn’t it well past time to deal with that Fifth Column, which seems to have become an actual army in certain of our towns?

Are we so enfeebled that we don’t even dare to speak out?

And what about BREXIT?

Given a ‘whipped mosque vote’, given postal vote fraud, given that huge numbers of voters in Muslim communities don’t even speak English but will ‘vote’ according to the wishes of their tribal elders, and given the lowering of the voting age to 16-17 years, methinks we have a huge problem – a problem which we know full well exists, but are too fearful to name, never mind do something about it.

Labour and their tribal voters do not play by our rules. Fair Play and Honesty are foreign words to them. We will get results as in Oldham, Tower Hamlets and those other blackspots if Labour decides to stay in the EU. Political arguments will be of no avail because, let’s face it, we are now a country where elections are run as in certain Third World countries.

Our Parliamentary System with its proud history has been besmirched and defamed and pulled into the gutter – and we sit by because we’re too scared to be called ‘racist’ and ‘islamophobic’.

In my darkest hours, I think we deserve what we’re getting because we are no longer fighting for what we should defend with all our might.

Photo by Gene Hunt

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