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Feminism – as most ably promoted by the BBC – was always a cultural Marxist idea for suppressing what they called the ‘patriarchal’ family which was too conservative! Theresa May was proud to wear a tea shirt with the motto “This is what a feminist looks like”. She has never been known to attack the fatuous extremes of feminism and under her Government the feminist bandwagon rolls on.

A good example of what such attitudes bring about in the real world of life and death is the massive discrepancy between spending on breast cancer which is twice the level of spending on (the male) prostate cancer – even though deaths stand at about 11,000 a year for both cancers! Angela Culhane, chief executive of the charity Prostate Cancer UK, said this naturally resulted in half the level of research into prostate cancer.

Abortion has been seen by feminism as an ‘inalienable right’ and millions of lives have been slaughtered in the womb as a result. We now know that in Conservative Britain the NHS does not collect statistics on those aborted babies who are removed alive and are then killed! It probably amounts to some 10% of abortions.


The Prime Minister plans a ‘dedicated national security communications unit’ (sounds like a Ministry of Information) which will ‘be tasked with combating disinformation’ (sounds like George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth).

As someone who reads news from all over the world every day, provided by many national and supranational news media, I see misinformation, propaganda and above all censored non reported news – mostly from the outlets setting up ‘anti fake news’ units and which Mrs May doubtless trusts. I also see information, real news, different angles, well documented commentary and news of unrest, riots and government tyrannies which are not reported in Britain.

If the British Government cannot rely on the good sense of its own people, cannot permit anything but Government-approved news and uses taxpayers money to publish political judgements on other peoples’ news then we have sunk to new anti-democratic depths – but depths in which Marxist regimes have always delighted.

But the State promotion of political extremes does not stop there. In Mrs May’s Government the Ministry of Defence flies the LGBT flag and in February 2018 the British Foreign Office in London handed out free hijabs to its employees. Maajid Nawaz, head of the counter Islamic extremist Quilliam Foundation, remarked: “Supporting World Hijab Day and the institutional oppression of women through modesty culture, while brave Iranian women risk all to remove hijab tyranny.”

As a Tory MP remarked there was no handing out of Christian crosses.


A notable supporter of the Frankfurt School was one Daniel Cohn Bendit, a revolutionary Marxist of part French part German background. In 1970 revolutionary sexuality was put into practice in the ‘Rote Freiheit Schule’ sponsored by the Psychology Institute of the Free University of Berlin where ‘sex exercises’ were conducted and a ‘f………hour’. Cohn Bendit taught there and later described his sexual experiences with children:

At nine in the morning, I join my eight little toddlers between the ages of 16 months and 2 years. I wash their butts, I tickle them, they tickle me and we cuddle. … You know, a child’s sexuality is a fantastic thing. You have to be honest and sincere. With the very young kids, it isn’t the same as it is with the four-to-six-year-olds. When a little five-year-old girl starts undressing, it’s great, because it’s a game. It’s an incredibly erotic game.

Today Cohn Bendit is a member of the European Parliament. His German Green Party at the State level (Nord Rhein Westfalen) in 1985 had as its policy that nonviolent sexuality between children and adults should generally be allowed, without any age restrictions.

Consensual sexual relations between adults and children must be decriminalized.

In Britain the National Council for Civil Liberties was headed by Patricia Hewitt, the future Health Secretary, where another future prominent Labour cabinet Minister Harriet Harman was a legal officer. The NCCL allowed to be affiliated to it the Paedophile Information Exchange which openly promoted sexual relations with children. It was later closed and most of its leading members convicted of criminal offences.

We cannot accuse the Marxist Conservatism today of having committed to these perversions but all the above mentioned figures are enthusiastic supporters of the LGBT movement today which receives such promotion from a Conservative government. And once we break down the definitions of sexual morality, gender, wife and husband, man and woman even the most obscene sexual revolutionaries feel they are in with a chance of recognition – as we now see below.


The Frankfurt School revolutionaries had not thought of this useful weapon in the distortion of natural society but today it is the ‘T’ in the ‘LGBT’ revolutionary bandwagon.

Justine Greening, until recently the Conservative Secretary of State for Education, said that people should be able spontaneously to ‘choose their gender’ – and therefore of course demand their ‘rights’ as their new gender – including for instance ‘trans’ men choosing to use ladies’ toilets.


The final part of this piece will be published here on UKIPDaily in the near future

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