This article is re-published from ‘Free Nations’ with kind permission by the author.

In a recent fit of Russophobia Theresa May accused Russia of being an enemy seeking to undermine western values. In response Konstantin Kosachev, of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, said her “mistake is that this conflict is not ideological and there will be no ‘triumph of Western values’ this time, as no one is fighting them here.”

But Kosachev was wrong. The Clintons, Obama, Merkel, May and Blair have presided over a society governed by economic Marxism (state control and the destruction of private property) and Gramscian cultural communism (the destruction of family values and Christian sexual morality) so Russia is indeed fighting modern western Governments’ “values” – but nevertheless defending the values of those governments’ peoples.

While Russia has embraced the values for which we fought and won the Second World War and the Cold War, our Governments have now rejected those values and created a morally distorted, economically bankrupt, democratically alienated world where decadent pseudo elites and supranational corporate power dominate our peoples.


The twin attacks by economic and social Marxism on western capitalism and democracy sought:

  1. To destroy personal capital and property and the rule of law as created by precedent in favour of state power, state property with the law dictated by the communist party, unchallenged by voters or free elections.
  2. To undermine families, communities, nations and Christianity by debasing marriage, attacking the responsible role of fathers, promoting “alternative” forms of marriage and sexuality and “educating” children in those sexualities from an early age. To destroy the bourgeois notion of “democracy” and the role of Christianity – the latter being diluted by the infusion of other religions regardless of their belief systems.

This decadent, morally distorted “Conservative” government is doing all these things.


There has been a massive reduction in taxes on big business (already cash rich and subsidised by inflation on quoted company shares). But the government has imposed higher taxes on individuals, negative returns on their savings and an attack on “buy to let” – which is one of the few ways the individual can invest – and counter inflation.

After the bank bail outs of 2008-9 the UK national debt was £800bn and after 7 years of Tory Government the national debt is £1800bn and still rising by about £50bn a year.

One of the principles of conservatism is personal property ownership (provided it is fairly earned and responsibly owned) as a source of social stability, savings and family independence. Communism sees these “bourgeois” characteristics, the continuity of family and community life as “reactionary” and so seeks to centralise and nationalise property. “Property is theft” they say. In fact property – open to challenge in a free market – means social responsibility and government means theft.


There are many ways of taking property from responsible individuals. Indeed the more responsible they are the easier it is to burden them with regulation, tax the owners and confiscate the property. The sheer weight of the laws on business, taxes and regulations under this Conservative Government is horrendous.

If you buy property you pay up to 12% stamp duty (not long ago stamp duty was 1%). When you own a shop or commercial property business rates are payable EVEN WHEN IT IS EMPTY and you are making a loss. Even the previous Labour Government allowed property to be empty for 12 months until business rates were payable (rightly assuming no owner actually WANTED to keep his property empty!) But this Marxist Conservative government reduced that to 3 months and kept on raising business rates.

A property owner in Sunderland lost his tenant, had to continue to pay the large business rates, was forced to sell his home to pay them and died an early death. The UK has the highest levels of business rates in the advanced economies – and the North of England the highest levels of suicides in Britain.

I myself as an investor in my local community found my income fall 50% but my taxes went up by 50%. I found no Tory Minister who knew what they were doing. They were more concerned with subsidising big business through negative interest rates and ever lower corporation tax while community investors were crippled by “Conservative” taxes.

You might have held a property for many years, invested in it, survived the crippling taxes and then you try to sell it. Then this Marxist Government cripples you with “capital gains” tax which, being unindexed for inflation, is payable even when there is no real gain at all. It therefore amounts to straight confiscation of property.


As Government business rates and the Government-caused-recession destroyed the High Street, “charities” (whose directors are well paid while they only pay taxpayer subsidised rates and exploit volunteer shop workers) were the only buyers of the properties of bankrupted investors – until local government joined in the fun and started buying up high street properties. State failure always leads to state profit and the rise of Marxist economics. Not every communist system needs to be planned – it arises naturally out of the failures of politicians like the present Conservative government.

Stay tuned for parts 2-4 of this article, which will be published in UKIP Daily over the coming days.

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