As Theresa May prepares to force her horrible, deceitful and treacherous Brexit, so-called Withdrawal Agreement, through Parliament, many are convinced that she will find this almost impossible. After working on this betrayal behind our backs for two and a half years, I find it hard to believe that May hasn’t a plan or a fix lined up to force her treacherous agreement through parliament.

So, what is Theresa May’s fix?

Well, I think I may have figured this out, and it’s horrible. Here is one scenario that, unfortunately, I think is very likely, in fact, I’d be surprised if this isn’t the case.

Since the 2008 Financial Crisis, one of the things that has dawned on many of us, including myself, is just how manipulated financial and other markets are. For so long we’ve lived under the illusion that we live in a free market economy when in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

We live in a world of Plunge Protection Teams, Quantitative Easing (money printing) and other instruments of financial sophistry. Since the last financial crisis, many trillions in various currencies have been printed; governments worldwide have promoted the idea that we’re in a recovery, all we have to do now is just print more money.

Enormous speculative bubbles have formed (the ‘Everything Bubble’), the Mainstream Media have promoted the idea that somehow: “it’s different this time,” we’re in a recovery, the only way is up … Somehow it doesn’t matter anymore that markets are so divorced from fundamentals.

Because we don’t, in reality, live in free market economies, it is very easy for the Powers That Be, in this case, Central Banks like the Federal Reserve and others, to keep this illusion going at their convenience, even if in reality it can’t go on forever.

I’ve written about this stuff before, and I’ve long predicted that when the ‘Everything Bubble’ is popped, the resulting carnage will be blamed on Donald Trump and in our case Brexit. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In recent weeks the Mainstream Media, in our country at least, have been focussed on the Brexit negotiations. They’ve paid scant attention to financial and economic news, just little bits and pieces here and there. Our attention has been diverted.

When we look globally and join the dots, a very worrying picture emerges. Here is a link to a video from The Money GPS. He joins the dots very well and uses well-referenced information; I’ve included this for starters because most people can relate to property:

“Real Estate FALLING From California To London To Sydney! Following Stock Market Crash!”

I’m not going to include endless references here because there is much available and out there to be found if you wish to do so. In addition to the housing market, the stock market has taken a pounding in recent weeks, Deutsche Bank is on the skids in a big way, along with many other European Banks, Italy is virtually bankrupt, along with other European countries and the European Union is economically unworkable.

The Chinese economy is breaking down with a debt crisis of its own, and along with Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and others are preparing to move away from the US dollar for trading, with more countries preparing to follow. How the US will maintain its 21 trillion debt burden without its World Reserve Currency status is anyone’s guess.

The speculative element of these massive bubbles in assets is something not often discussed in the Mainstream Media, just hinted at from time to time, but this is what makes them so volatile.

After all, how many homeowners can really afford their mortgages? Many are prepared to make repayments for maybe a couple of years, in order to make a significant capital gain, but if they think they’ll be lumbered with this mortgage, unable to sell or even in negative equity, panic soon sets in.

The same could be said for the Stock Market or any other asset, particularly when margin loans to support speculative investments become due, we’ve seen it all before.

There are so many Black Swans circling in the world economy and looking as I do, every day, at the news from a wide variety of sources, I’m getting the feeling that one of these swans is going to land soon. After many years of the banks propping up these asset bubbles, it’s funny how crunch time seems set to arrive as the Brexit negotiations are nearing completion.

Will it be the big one? Who knows, although I’d say that 2019 will be an interesting year, it doesn’t need to be the ‘big one,’ just a jolt big enough to scare everybody will be sufficient.

You can imagine the narrative now!

From Theresa May: “now is not the time to be leaving our European partners in this time of crisis, we must stick together and help each other.” Or words to that effect.

Politicians, if not scared witless, will at least have an excuse to support and vote through May’s brilliant and life-saving Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and the Conservatives will boast, like Gordon Brown did, about how they’ve saved the world. For us, we’ll never get another chance to leave the European Union, our country will be gone, and we’ll be subdued with a wave of immigration.

I’m not trying to suggest that things will play out exactly as I’ve described above, but I think you know what I mean. Beware of Black Swans between now and the parliamentary vote on Treason May’s Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

I would say to UKIP and Gerard Batten that they must be prepared with a robust response to such a narrative as I’ve outlined above if they are serious about Brexit. I’d be very surprised if things didn’t pan out along the lines that I’ve suggested above and if they do, all of the protest marches, such as that planned by Tommy Robinson, will amount to nothing.

Theresa May has been planning this stitch up for two and a half years, she has a fix ready, and you must be very prepared to counter the narrative, or we’ll lose everything.

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