Over three thousand years ago, when the Hebrews were enslaved by the Egyptians they lived in a diaspora for over three hundred years. During this time, the Hebrews or Israelites never stopped dreaming of their independence and their homeland, until in around thirteen hundred BC, Moses led his people out of bondage and into the Sinai Desert (e.g. see here).

To this day the Jewish Israelites are still trying to establish themselves in their own homeland, a very complicated situation indeed and one I wouldn’t like to comment on. The point is that in over three thousand years, the descendants (genetically proven) of the Hebrews are still clinging to their culture and identity even if they have changed somewhat over the centuries.

Every people and culture need their own space in which to practice their way of life. In my travels around the world, I couldn’t help but notice that the world was already a multicultural place, but many of the world’s troubles arise when certain people try to tinker with this delicate balance.

There are many other examples around the world, for instance, Catalonia, currently a part of Spain has expressed a desire for independence. There is an interesting article here that examines the failure of multiculturalism. When you think that recently, after hundreds of years, even the United Kingdom was in danger of breaking up and still may do so, it can be seen as another example of just how strong cultural bonds are.

If our situation were not so dire, it would be laughable that inter-governmental organisations such as The United Nations can expect us to disavow a cultural heritage developed over thousands of years within a human lifetime: impossible, it can’t and won’t happen.

Perhaps then we should take a closer look at the United Nations. Let’s start with Oxfam and its army of paedophiles and their sexual exploitation of the people they were sent to help.

There are reports from a variety of sources that this kind of sexual exploitation and paedophilia are not unique to Oxfam but is endemic throughout the International Aid Industry.

“’The international aid industry needs to be aware of the scale of sexual abuse happening on their watch’: Former UN chief says ‘paedophilia’ is a word charities dare not say” [report]

Olavo de Carvalho is a Brazilian thinker and teacher who has been living in the USA for many years. His subjects are Politics, Philosophy and History, among others. In this video, he’s speaking to some students. The points transcribed can be heard at 9:35 min in this video. Translated from Portuguese, he says:

“The American Psychiatric Association has been thinking of removing paedophilia from its mental disorder list. Paedophilia would no longer be a disease. After that, it will become a normal and acceptable behaviour. Soon, we’ll have laws defending paedophiles.

To set the new global order, which is supported by The United Nations, it is necessary to pull down established moral values and replace them by absurd values, such as paedophilia, and force people to obey those absurd orders.

By accepting those new absurd values, people will become docile and obedient. There are studies showing that the human mind has a limit to support the absurd. After this limit, the human mind starts to think such absurdities as normal.”

As the United Nations have sent their perverted emissaries around the world to exploit their needy victims, they have also infiltrated the business world and political systems of many western countries including the United Kingdom:

“Young, sick and dangerous: The new face of paedophilia”

The effects of this United Nations ‘New World Order’ can already be seen in our society and it’s a very bleak world indeed. We are to be forcibly denied our culture, way of life and traditional values, our sexuality and taboos. Our women are to be raped and our children groomed for sex by alien cultures. All is going to plan for the globalists and the United Nations.

As people slowly wake up to what is happening, more totalitarian methods will be needed to enforce this New World Order. Hence: EUROGENDFOR and the fledgeling European army.

If we don’t fight for our country now, we’ll lose it. We may have a long battle ahead. Even if we manage to extricate ourselves from the European Union, we’ll still have to contend with the United Nations, things are that dire.

It is astonishing to think that we could have been fooled into accepting this vile new world by decades of carefully planned, incremental, insidious propaganda and mind games. We really are in trouble! The world that is planned for us is completely alien to us. The United Nations behind its mask of altruistic benevolence is an evil entity to us.

Do we really want to end up like the Hebrews, living in a diaspora for thousands of years and struggling to find a new homeland? Do we want to follow in the footsteps of Moses? If not then we must wake up and fight before it’s too late.

We have been thoroughly betrayed by our own government and what we must do won’t be easy, but do it we must and we must start somewhere. The first thing we must do is get rid of a  Prime Minister that never has given us the representation that we’re entitled to in a democracy, a Prime Minister that represents the globalists and not us. We must get rid of Theresa May, and difficult as it may be, we need a Prime Minister that will represent the interests of the British people.

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