David Davis resigns – about time, too!


Yesterday evening, the Brexit Minister David Davis resigned – finally, and about time, too!

It is extraordinary how Ms May’s Remain Cabinet and the Metro-Elite in Westminster and the MSM – remainers all – still think they can get away with their contempt for us, with their disregard of our vote. In his letter to Ms May (full letter here) Mr Davis finally says out loud what we’ve been saying for some time – that this is a sell-out of our country.

I’ve been writing again and again about the pernicious influence of the Whitehall Mandarins on the Brexit negotiations. It was there for all to see, but it took well over a year until the first tentative observations about civil servants blocking Brexit were made by Tory Brexiteers. The final straw was when Ms May established a parallel ‘Brexit’ set-up in her cabinet, by installing the civil servant (unelected, btw) Ollie Robbins as her ‘Brexit Negotiator’. If proof were needed that Ms May was going to keep us in, by hook and by crook, then that was it. But Davis, the Brexiteers in the Cabinet, Tory MPs were all supine and kept quiet.

Mr Davis ought to have resigned there and then. He didn’t.

Meanwhile we were suddenly treated in the MSM to leaks from ‘Brussels insiders’ on a regular basis, undermining our Brexit negotiators. The cherry on the cake was when we read in a couple of sentences here and there in the run-up to the Chequers shenanigans that Ms May actually showed her proposals to Madame Merkel – before she showed them to her own Cabinet! Of course, after that Chequers shindig that fact, which should have had the whole Cabinet resign, drifted into gentle oblivion … 

Since when does our PM have to ask the German Chancellor to agree to policies before she informs her cabinet!

While many have been and are writing letters to the MSM and to their MPs, May and remainers are blithely going on their merry way back to the EU. Yesterday in the Sunday Telegraph we were ‘treated’ to an unspeakable “article” by arch-remainer Philip Hammond and Chris Grayling. As an exercise in unprincipled political PR speak it surely takes the proverbial! Not even the NHS is left out …

Meanwhile, the Tory Brexit figurehead Jacob Rees-Mogg writes in today’s Telegraph that “The reins of Brexit have been handed to those who never wanted to leave” – yes, well, I’m glad he finally noticed! We’ve been saying so for some time, but then we’re the uncouth, xenophobic etc etc Kippers who should’ve curled up and died in 2016 already. Rees-Mogg writes at the end of his article:

“These proposals now go to the EU, which may reject them. However, as it is alleged that they were hawked around the Continental chancelleries before being shown to ministers – which, if true, would be a constitutional impropriety – it is possible that they are already agreed in outline. After that, they must come before Parliament where there will be a “meaningful“ vote and legislation. Although I await further details, if the proposals are as they currently appear I will vote against them, and others may well do the same. I note that any government that wins major votes on the back of opposition support against the known will of its electors and members never succeeds.”

Well enough – but what is he going to do about it? How come he and all the other mighty Brexit-Tory minds still keep Ms May in power? Is it really the fear of a Corbyn Government should there be a General Election? Some of us have long had the impression that this is precisely what many Tories want …

But let’s ask another question: hasn’t this whole spectacle, from Cameron’s despicable resignation on June 24th 2016 to this day shown that Westminster Village, from 10 Downing Street to Whitehall to the MSM and the Islington Dinner circuit, is dominated by traitors to this country? Prove it ain’t so, Mr Rees-Mogg! Have the courage of your convictions and stop following Ms May in what is called “Nibelungentreue”. The Jesuits preach a similar attitude.

And why not make a legal challenge – what’s sauce for Gina Miller surely is sauce for Brexiteers! Engage Mr Martin Howe QC, whose legal analysis of the Chequers agreement is a must-read, especially his points No 8 and 9 – read the whole thing here. So we don’t have a Soros to finance such challenge, but surely there are still some ‘Brexit millionaires’ who’d help, and surely we have the better legal minds on our side!

Has it really come to this – that we must now rely on Brussels to reject even this feeble Chequers document to get us a ‘No deal’ Brexit? The noises coming out of Brussels are, as predicted, negative (see e.g. here). They’ll be asking for a few more pounds of flesh, knowing full well that May and Ollie will give it to them. Not even the great appeaser Neville Chamberlain would have asked Hitler if it was ok to fulfil Great Britain’s Treaty obligations in regard to Poland!

So what can we do?

Get your branch chairmen to do as Gerard has asked: put up candidates for the GE which is now surely coming! Prepare for battle – now! Prepare in all constituencies. Welcome all those Brexit Tories who’ve already left their Party. This is about our country, this is about our vote, the vote of 17.4 million people. This is about stopping the sell-ou!

Even winning the Football World Cup, should that happen, cannot make up for the Grand Betrayal May and the Remainers are serving up.


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