Looking back on the week just gone, the papers were full of reports of Cabinet ministers and other establishment figures coming out selling Ms May’s Brexit ‘plan’, i.e. BRINO, to us voters. The most obvious was the Governor of the Bank of England whose dire ‘predictions’ gave rise to the latest label: “Project Hysteria”. Dr Liam Fox was another one. Someone observed that he doesn’t seem to have noticed that his department is now obsolete: he cannot negotiate trade deals under Ms May’s Withdrawal Agreement (WA). And of course we’ve had Ms May visiting the Celtic Fringe in the teeming rain to explain to the Northern Irish, the Scots and the Welsh how wonderful their lives will be ‘outside’ the EU while still being inside …

It turns out that all this is not due to a fervent wish of the remaining Remainer Cabinet Ministers (BRINOs all, for whom a place at the ministerial trough comes before Party and well before Country) to support their beleaguered PM. No, this is carefully orchestrated, as explained by Paul Goodman in an article in “Conservative Home. It is a campaign strategy given the name “The Grid”, to ensure ‘success’ in winning the “meaningful vote” in Parliament. So look forward to more BRINO ministers coming out day by day, until the vote on the 11th of December, explaining why the WA is our salvation.

At first glance it seems strange that this ‘Hard Sell’ by 10 Downing Street is addressed to the country as a whole. After all, this is not an election, this is not about a second referendum – or is it? More on that below.

The weird proposal of having a TV debate between Ms May and Mr Corbyn is equally puzzling. Andrew Gimson (also on “Conservative Home”) reveals some details which make the whole thing look even more odd (see here), rightly pointing out that there’s already a perfect venue for such a debate. It’s called the ‘House of Commons’. Perhaps the strategists in 10 Downing Street are aware though that the usual confrontation between these two leaders, a.k.a. ‘Prime Minister’s Questions’, are not attracting a sufficiently large audience. No wonder: anyone who has watched that programme recently knows that it is a yawn-feast of the lowest calibre and a waste of one’s time.

There are even more ‘clever’ ploys in place to sell us this despicable surrender document. One is the effort by the Conservative Party’s management to reach out to their constituencies. Harry Phibbs (yep, one more from “Conservative Home”) reports that the Tory HQ have printed thousands of postcards to go out, promoting the WA (see here). Well, it’s the Tory Party’s own money, and it’ll be the Tory activists’ own shoe leather being used to stick it through letter boxes, so let’s not stop the Remainer enemy while they’re making mistakes, especially not when we Kippers are engaged in making our own huge mistake … It is interesting though that Leave Tories are up in arms against this particular ‘sell’, and declare that this latest idiocy will backfire. Given the many Tory Leavers, Mr Phibbs is spot on when he remarks that “the Conservative Party is going into battle against its membership”. I refrain from mentioning that this sounds strangely familiar to us Kippers as well ….

Of far greater concern is the revelation that the Government is running an ad campaign for the WA on Googlepaid for by taxpayers’ money. Do read the whole short article by Mark Wallace (“Conservative Home”) here! It is Cameron’s ‘Government Brochure’ revisited, now adapted to the internet age. While it is irrelevant that and how the Remainers in the establishment parties spend their own money to push the WA or stand against it; while it is a bit more relevant that government ministers are made to sell the WA instead of doing their work (they are paid by us, remember!) this Google Ad campaign is an outrage: we are paying for the promotion of that surrender document which, if voted through, will bind us to the yoke of Brussels forever.

The question arises: why do they do it? Why do it this way? It is not an election, it is not a referendum – we taxpaying peasants have no say in this! Why are they addressing us, via ‘The Grid’, the MSM, postcards, and now Google Ads? Some Tories are suspecting that Ms May might have recognised that she won’t get this WA through Parliament and that this is in fact a trial run of a campaign either for a second referendum or for a coming General Election. That would not surprise me in the least!

However, I think this huge machinery has also been set in motion to encourage us voters, especially us Leave voters, to address our MPs, using the information so graciously provided by Ms May’s government, and demand that they vote ‘meaningfully’ for her WA.

So let’s do just that! Many readers here on UKIP Daily have already written to their constituency MP, but we all should do it, regardless of the affiliation of our MP.

Write to them, tell them you demand they vote against that surrender document. Tell them that we have read the various excellent legal documents pulling Ms May’s WA to shreds. Tell them that we won’t countenance their voting to sell out our country for a mess of pottage. Ms May and her BRINO colleagues think they can convert us to applaud her surrender piece and tell our MPs to vote for that piece of dreck. So let’s turn this against her and get writing!

Let’s tell every one of our constituency MPs: no surrender! We’re watching!

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