Today is Anti-Slavery Day. To spread awareness,  Hope For Justice, an anti-slavery campaign group, has released a video on YouTube which details the plight of modern day slaves in Britain.

There were 2077 recorded cases of modern day slavery in 2011, and with refugees sitting on the docks in France waiting for an opportunity to come to the UK, there are likely to be many more.

Those trafficked are made to work long hours doing dangerous work, often living in overcrowded, unsafe accommodation for little or no pay.

UKIP has so far talked of the human cost of immigration to British people – youths unable to find work and facing life on the dole, children being taught in schools where no-one has English as a first language, demand for housing far outstripping supply. But perhaps we need to talk more about the human cost for some of the immigrants themselves.

The government is about to draft a modern day slavery bill which will shift responsibility for slavery from immigration to serious crime. As some of the trafficking that takes place does so within our borders, the shift may prove useful. However, we shouldn’t overlook the vital role that Border Control ought to play in preventing immigrants from being trafficked in the first place.

A border control that is properly funded so that it actually works, and is able to keep tabs on the people who come to the UK, would be able to track all immigrants once residing in Britain to ensure that they’re not being exploited in this cruel way.

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