After my last article Trumped? I felt there were still some points that I wanted to make, so here it is. Firstly I’ll look at the world of marketing, something that I know a fair bit about. I’m sorry to all those of you that know this stuff, but I’ve always found that many people are surprised about what actually goes on in this field.

Let’s take for example, a bottle of beer and how we would market it. Firstly, we’d have to look at the consumer marketplace, in particular beer drinkers and decide if there were any segments that we could exploit. We may then spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on market research to refine and gain an in-depth knowledge of these segments.

I’ll use as a further example the ‘Jack the Lad’ beer brands that sprang up in the 1980s. Commercials often featured wise cracking, know it all Jack the Lads that cleared pool tables, generally beat everybody at everything and were pursued by legions of beautiful young women. Of course the Jack the Lads would never drink anything other than your magnificent beer. It’s all about peoples’ perceptions of themselves and of course, to sell them our beer, we’ll do everything we can to reinforce this perception.

In reality nothing could be further from the truth. These spotty youths would probably send women running, though ideally they’d drink our lovely beer until they were sick all over the branded clothes that they felt made them appear as their Hollywood heroes.

Research has shown us that the less well off in society are very susceptible to marketed brands. The poorer people are, the more they need a prop to promote their self worth. Many people live in an illusion promoted by marketing media and it has never ceased to amaze me as to how easily people are manipulated.

In the end, beer is beer. Some is of better quality (but probably not the stuff our Jack the Lad drinks) but it all has the same unfortunate result and ends up against the wall somewhere. Our wise, all knowing Jack the Lad probably works hard and what little money he earns ends up in the hands of the tax man, the banks or landlord. What’s left will go to breweries and on overpriced brands that he could live without and can’t afford. Marketing companies will tell their prospective customers anything their research say our Jack the Lad wants to hear to sell him their beer, probably at a premium price.

Here’s the thing: politics is exactly the same.

According to the Electoral Commission, at the last election political parties in Britain spent around forty million pounds on campaigns. The Conservative party alone, according to Business Insider, spent fifteen point six million on their campaign, including:

  • Market Research / canvassing 4,684,487.73
  • Advertising 3,618,907.85
  • Unsolicited material to electors 4,322,374.69
  • Campaign broadcasts 213.491.37
  • Media 20,968.05

Total Marketing Bill 12,860,229.69

So the Conservatives spent nearly 13 million of their 15.6 million pounds of campaign funds on marketing alone. The Conservatives spent more on advertising than UKIP spent on their entire campaign. As with all marketing campaigns, they are closely monitored to make sure they’re on track. If not, the message will soon be changed. There is little conviction, just the desire and a strong incentive for power and control at any cost.

I’ll refer now to an article on the WWII website Alpha History that compares the lives of Hitler and Stalin. Although the two despised each other, they were very similar, both coming from poor and humble backgrounds to become revolutionary leaders. Here’s the key part:

Both promised progress, modernisation and better lives for their countrymen – but both were more concerned with consolidating and expanding their own power, rather than pleasing the people.

So, whatever the message that they propagated to their people, whether it was Communism, National Socialism or indeed Fascism, it was always just about power. Millions died. Particularly in the case of Hitler, that message could very quickly change dramatically to suit his purpose.

Today Britain is in a rapidly deteriorating crisis. The country is virtually bankrupt and has to borrow and print money to pay its bills. The immigration we’ve been told for years is so good for us is a complete disaster for the majority of Brits. It has brought with it massive housing shortages, a crisis in the health service and enormous social service costs. Then there’s the gang rape and child grooming and probably much more but I’ll leave it there for now.

All of the above, no matter which political party is in power. The people that we’ve elected to supposedly represent us have been all too keen to sell us out to globalists, to give away the power we’ve vested upon them to an anti-democratic European Union.

Democracy doesn’t work like that. In a democracy our government must represent and work in the interests of its citizens. A democratic government cannot represent globalist, anti-democratic organisations and its people at the same time.

Our successive, supposed ‘governments’ are still prepared though to spend many millions of our own money to sell us the illusion of democracy, to make us believe that we still have a democratic choice. In reality, whatever name they give themselves, whatever political ideals that they try to sell us with smiles and reassurances, we’re just revenue raising units to them, it’s all about power and control.

Whatever Liberal, Labour or Conservatives tell you, it’s all the same poison. This time, it may not be beer but it’ll certainly give you a hangover. I feel that UKIP now has a choice to make. Is UKIP going to be the party that fights to give us the true democracy that we deserve or is it going to be just like the more established political parties?

If UKIP chooses to fight for democracy, I have a feeling that people will be ready to listen.

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