These days, while I’m trying to figure out what’s happening in the world, I read from a variety of sources, some academic, some Mainstream Media, some Alternative Media among others.

There is a lot of junk in both the Mainstream and Alternative media, the trick is to sift through it, recognise the good sources and join the dots. Sometimes I come across a piece that really crystallises my thoughts, I’ll share one with you today as I don’t want to take all of the credit for this analysis.

This video is from The Money GPS, I look at this sometimes as the analysis is often very good and based on real-world figures and charts … and in this case I totally agree with it.

“Insiders Selling Stocks At RECORD Rate! Is This Panic Mode That Stocks Will Crash Soon?”

There are many of us that realise that since the 2008 financial crisis, the world’s economy and particularly the stock-market has been pumped up by printed money and voodoo economics; it is totally divorced from fundamentals: one day the party will end and one day the markets will return to fundamentals.

We’ve all read in the financial media about currently one of the major drivers of the stock-market: the Corporate Buyback. Companies that use their financial resources to buy back their own stocks. The above video asks: why would these companies buy back their own stocks?

After all, these companies could invest in research and development, expansion or buying other companies, to name just a few of the options. It turns out that when these companies buy their own stocks, the price of said stocks of course rises … and it always happens to coincide with a spate of selling by senior executives and board members of their personally owned stocks.

This is insider trading and fraud on a massive scale. Companies use, possibly borrowed money (the banks are complicit in this), very likely their investors and other stakeholders money, to pump the stock-market and enable these insiders to walk away with massive profits.

What about the outsiders though, what about the pension funds, small investors and many others that may be invested in that company? Thrown to the wolves, of course!

Just who are the insiders? I haven’t space here to go into an in-depth analysis, but they are more than just the CEOs and other senior executives of these companies.

As I said earlier, the banks are complicit in this. Indeed, the vast majority of industry leaders, what Americans would call, ‘Great Men,’ wouldn’t be where they are without the backing of major banks, and I include the likes of George Soros. This is a well known logical and symbiotic relationship.

Governments, however, are meant to represent the people that they were elected to represent, they try and hide the depth of their symbiosis with the banking system and business.

We see this symbiosis from time to time. At the time of the 2008 Financial Crisis, Gordon Brown and his government rushed to rescue the banks with our taxpayers money or just print it out of thin air. No matter that the citizens of our country will pay one way or another, despite the glib lies of politicians.

We’ll pay in the form of taxes as we vainly try and pay the interest on all of the incurred debt via taxes or when our savings and investments are made worthless by rampant inflation as this money will eventually find its way into the consumer marketplace. Politicians, of course, will use highly massaged statistics to try and hide this.

We can certainly say then, that our successive governments are a part of the ‘Insiders Club;’ some may call this a form of Fascism. What we really have here is a highly efficient mechanism for the transfer of wealth from the many to the very few.

What we are really witnessing is the Insiders Club draining every last penny or cent from the people before they walk away to their bunkers in New Zealand or to their sumptuous yachts to cruise tropical islands. We, on the other hand, will face a different reality as this party ends.

The above video suggests that the present economic system will implode when bank interest rates reach around three percent … and we’re nearly there after the Federal Reserve raised rates again last week. Banks around the world will soon be under pressure to raise rates and it is already creating chaos in the emerging markets.

Many of the world’s countries, in particular, Russia and China, but also Iran, amongst a steadily growing list are moving away from the US dollar; the US in the not too distant future will lose its reserve status. This is a normal progression for a Fiat currency as it comes to the end of its lifecycle and the last time this happened it resulted in the Great Depression and World War Two.

War is the usual convenient distraction for the Insiders Club as they slink away with their profits. Then there’s the money to be made on weapons sales and further debt. Today, right on cue from The Telegraph (sorry it’s premium):

“ UK sending 800 troops to Arctic in warning shot to Russia”

It seems the Insiders Club are desperate to start a war; they’ve been beating the drums against Russia for quite a while, but also against North Korea, Iran and just about anywhere they can get one going.

When the Insiders Club have finally drained every last penny out of you, then a great many of you or your loved ones will pay with your lives. Currently, this effort is being spearheaded by Theresa May, so one final thought.

How evil must Theresa May really be?

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