For the Islington Dinner Party Set (IDPS), hating UKIP and its pro-sovereignty policies is the new black; it goes well with all of this season’s facile IDPS ideologies: Chai Latte before Yoga. Soy lentil shake afterwards. Ooh, and I just hate those UKIP creatures, don’t you?

For example, if, like UKIP supporters, you’re among the 76% of Brits from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, who are concerned by ongoing unlimited mass migration into the UK (at current rates,  a net 1.5 million more people in the next five years), those seated at the top IDPS table, Cameron, Milliband, Clegg, Juncker, Merkel, Bennett etc, hate you with a passion.

And, when I say they hate you, particularly if you’re a UKIP supporter, I’m talking pure, unadulterated, undiluted, bile-spewing, puff adder-spitting, neck vein-swelling, cathartic hatred.

You can see the IDPS’ hatred everywhere you go these days, dripping, like infected snot, from everything they touch or come near.

You can see it all over their BBC – hanging from their so-called “journalism,” in which they turn the camera over to Liblabcon Party drones, who they allow to wallow in anti-democratic, incoherent and pre-digested evasions, denials, non-answers and half truths that have been fed to them that morning by a central office desperately trying to avoid answering important policy questions.

While, in the other corner, BBC hacks relentlessly interrupt and mock UKIP speakers who are trying to give straight and simple responses, albeit to questions designed to attack and belittle the guest, rather than to be answered.

You can see the IDPS’ hatred of UKIP supporters in the IDPS’ “tolerance” and “multiculture” industries – both nice little earners for the right, connected people – in which openly fascist gangs of thugs with deliberately ironic names, such as Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism troll UKIP’s streets, skulking in the shadows, ready to jump out and pound the Hell out of anything that even smells of the democratic process, and all in the name of tolerance.

Both Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism, (which, incidentally, allowed one of drummer Lee Rigby’s murderers to call for the slaughter of British military at one of its rallies,) are both funded by trade unionism; they are nothing more than the militant wing of extreme left socialism and trade unionism.

You can see the IDPS’ hatred for millions of ordinary people, UKIP supporters, oozing from YouTube these days, in lie-filled videos of 100%-proof pure hate that are produced by cynical and/or uninformed useful idiots working in service of opportunistic fake grass roots groups, such as Stand Up to UKIP.

The sinister Common Purpose crowd, who have colonized public, political and administrative bodies in the UK, hate UKIP supporters so much that, in places such as Rotherham, they remove the children in the care of UKIP supporters in a brazen display of unjustified hate.

The IDPS’ hatred for UKIP supporters is unavoidable in their establishment media, which is pretty much all the UK’s media, in the form of spitefully damaging spins and false premises for articles, analyses, and interviews with UKIP officers and candidates.

The false premise usually is, (albeit in direct conflict with easily available, but ignored, evidence,) that UKIP somehow has more of the worst people in politics in its ranks than the Liblabcon Party has.

This is obviously a self-re-enforcing lie, since the establishment media hyper-focuses on and inflates the importance of the wrong act of any UKIP bad egg, however minor their position in the party, while conveniently overlooking the seriously ugly antics of the Liblabcon Party’s high-level bad eggs.

e.g. Lib Dems – councillor and PPC arrested for pedophilia; Tories – candidate ejected for allegedly fomenting race riots to win an election; Labour – many councillors turning a blind eye to the abuse, rape and possibly murder of 1,400 young girls in Rotherham; Google “councillor jailed” and see how many pages of Labour/Tory/Lib Dem criminality you have to wade through before UKIP even get a mention.

According to the IDPS, to Cameron, Clegg, Milliband and Bennett, millions of UKIP supporters – aka British people – are racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, ignorant, uneducated, small minded, and parochial little Englanders who are pining for an apparently evil UK past, a time before the UK was a part of a federalizing and “ever closer” political European Union, and before there was any tolerance and multiculture industry telling them it was racist to want to live in a sovereign nation.

The IDPS assure us that UKIP supporters are such a blight on Humanity that it’s an affront to common decency – to society as a whole – that UKIP supporters should be given access to any part of UK society, particularly to the democratic process that drives it.

The Liblabcon Party’s Emily Thornberry made that clear with her sneering Tweet about a voter who displayed an English flag and drove a white van. And that same party’s Gordon Brown cruelly declared Gillian Duffy a bigoted woman for voicing genuine concern about mass immigration into the UK.


White Van Man

To the IDPS and the Liblabcon Party that represents them, UKIP supporters are unarguably an inferior breed, a more primitive species than the rest of Humanity.

The Islington set regard UKIP supporters as Untermenschen – a sub-human class of person that must, at all costs, be shut out of the governmental process and out of all aspects of public life if a society is to remain a robust, pure, tolerant and democratic member of the global village of nations.

By labeling a group of people sub-human, Himmler knew he would be giving permission for the rest of Germany’s elite – their Islington set – to openly hate and marginalize that group.

And, similar to his and Joseph Goebbels’ modus operandi, today’s IDPS organizes its foot soldiers/thugs into rallies and goon squads where they openly celebrate their infectious hate, which they direct mainly at the millions of diverse and ordinary Brits, black, white and other, at men, at women, at the disabled, and at absolutely anyone who supports UKIP.

The one thing history has taught us is that the self-appointed, naturally superior guardians of proper society – the Guardian-reading, BBC-watching, Warmist bleating Islington Dinner Party Set – are not going to pass up an opportunity to gratuitously hate someone or something, particularly when that group – in this case UKIP supporters – is starting to look like it might be about to crash their cozy dinner party.

And hate they do; all day, every day, and with a passion.

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