Can you imagine how your grandparents would react, if by some miracle, you could travel back in time to when they were young and tell them about the state of their country as it is today?

If you told you grandparents that perhaps in their lifetimes, our country would be invaded with the blessing of our government by hostile, totally incompatible alien cultures where child grooming, gang rape, knife crime and acid attacks are becoming increasingly normal in society; that we would have to go out to work to pay for these invaders to live the life of Riley, the country and their grandchildren were burdened with massive and increasing debt as a result and our industry had been sold off overseas?

I think we know the answer, our grandparents would think we were cranks and fruitcakes; yet here we are in exactly that situation.

Our successive governments have put us in this situation because of their blind loyalty, not to we the people but to globalist organisations such as the United Nations and the European Union.

All of the above has happened by stealth and subterfuge, under the guise of altruism, human kindness and environmental sustainability, implemented slowly and incrementally over time. I’ve written about these techniques in an article How to boil a frog.

Agenda 21 is a very important example of this. Most people are aware of this agenda by now but I have written about this too in an article you can look at for further reading: Human Cattle and Agenda 21.

The point is that Agenda 21 is a framework that has been built around us by stealth, all for apparently, the very noble cause of ‘sustainability.’ What Agenda 21 really is, is a totalitarian means of control and subjugation, worthy of any of the greatest dictators in history, the building blocks seem unrelated to those who aren’t prepared to put in the substantial amount of work needed to understand it and join the dots.

To understand what is happening in our world, we need to study the clues, keep an open mind and join the dots. When we find these dots were would be very unwise to ignore them.

I am writing today to talk about just such a dot: ‘the Kigali Principles,’ it appears not many people have heard of these, all agreed, as usual, behind closed doors with minimum publicity. See here: Implementing the ‘Kigali Principles’ for Peacekeeping.

As the above video is nearly three hours long, here is a written article about this: Kigali Principles.

Apparently after the genocide in Rwanda, the United Nations were fretting about their inability to protect civilians. What the Kigali Principles are designed to do is allow the UN and its member countries more power, even military power to intervene, all in the name of peacekeeping of course. This all sounds very noble and humanitarian doesn’t it?

There is a darker side to this however. One of Barack Obama’s last acts before leaving office, was to sign the United States up to the Kigali Principles. What this in effect means is that, in the name of peacekeeping and protecting civilians, the UN and any of its member countries are entitled to intervene on US soil. The way things are going, with massive illegal immigration and political division this could happen in the not too distant future.

Here is a YouTube video that explores the above scenario, I ask you not to take it as fact, it is very speculative and just another YouTube video, but it is thought-provoking and real food for thought. Are You Ready For It? A Potential Red Dawn Invasion? Dave Hodges Bombshell!

This video talks about the Chinese army being allowed to enter the US under the guise of UN peacekeeping.

Not all UN members have signed up to the Kigali Principals yet, but it appears our government is very sympathetic: UK support for the Kigali Principles on the Protection of Civilians.

With millions of military age men flooding into Europe and the United Kingdom under the guise of refugees, our situation is very similar to that in the United States.

When you consider the racial tensions building in our country and Europe, conflict is inevitable, I’ve always wondered just what is the end game to globalisation because I’ve long realised that economically and culturally it can not be good for we Brits.

Here I think we may have just seen a small window into the future. The crackpot schemes of the United Nation, European Union and globalists generally were never intended to work for we, the indigenous people. These schemes can’t work in any practical sense and there was always going to be a violent or military stage of the globalists plans. These Kigali Principles are merely a small but important part of the puzzle.

You can imagine a situation where we had perhaps the planned European Army, EUROGENDFOR or any other UN member country’s military on our soil. There would be curfews, martial law, no freedom of speech and any criticism of the Religion of Peace would be forbidden. It gets worse from here and we would never be rid of our oppressors, our country would be gone and we would be dissidents in our own homeland.

The frightening thing is, that our present unfortunate situation has been brought about by the collaboration and betrayal of successive governments of the LibLabCon, just as Theresa May is collaborating with the European Union now over Brexit.

Hopefully I’m not entirely right; hopefully I am a crank, but I wouldn’t bet on it. We need to investigate the Kigali Principles, to openly debate them and if necessary oppose them. When you think how our successive governments have sold us out over the decades with their smiling reassurances, we would be very unwise to ever trust them over anything again.

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