Gerard Batten was interviewed on Sky News this morning.  You can listen to the interview

Henry Bolton was a guest on the Nigel Farage show on LBC on Sunday morning, although Jacob Rees-Mogg sat in for Nigel.

And once again, Bolton blamed the NEC for the fiasco of his leadership.

Rees-Mogg asked him about his personal life. “That created an opportunity for those within the party who had never accepted my leadership to express themselves,” he said. He accepted he had created that opportunity “but it has been exploited”.

He was asked if he thought he should have resigned earlier than the EGM. “If those messages that Jo had put out been in the public domain – they weren’t…” Rees-Mogg cut in: “Does that matter?” to which Bolton replied: “They created a situation now that the party is almost impossible to pull itself out of. Change was rejected yesterday but the party needs to change.”

He was asked if he was evading personal responsibility. “The NEC passed a vote of no confidence in me and it went to an EGM,” he said. “Yes, I could have resigned earlier but I though there was a greater job here unifying the party.”

“But you were dividing the party,” responded Rees-Mogg. “Creating harm for the party. If you had resigned that would have helped the party sooner.”

Bolton explained: “In the leadership campaign I was elected on a platform of reforming the party. My personal life made that very difficult indeed. I was trying to unite the factions and I failed. I take some of the blame for that.”

He was asked if he thought Nigel Farage would return to UKIP. “Nigel is a giant of British politics,” he said, “especially around the EU, but I think the party cannot be united now.” He predicted that the party would take “a lurch to the right with Gerrard Batten” and the main bulk of the party doesn’t want that. “I suspect there are lots of people in the party who are looking for a new political home.”

John Perry also sent us an audio of the interview.  You can listen to it here:

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