I think we’ve been brilliantly outmaneuvered since the BREXIT referendum. Theresa May was gerrymandered into position, almost immediately afterwards, she took some nine months to initiate Article 50 and this has given her plenty of time to plot and scheme against us.

In a few weeks, there will be a general election, many of us in UKIP are terrified to vote for our own party because we feel we need to the Conservatives to stay in power to see through Brexit. Theresa May has told us: you must vote Conservative if you wish there to be a successful BREXIT: she’s almost persuaded even us UKIPpers to vote for her party. Political Spin, gerrymandering and subterfuge at its finest and we’ve seen these scare tactics before at the last election: we shouldn’t be fooled like this again.

The Conservatives are going to win the coming election, whether we vote for them or not. This is a worry, they have no real opposition, they will become increasingly dictatorial. My theory, is that Jeremy Corbyn was gerrymandered into Labour’s leadership position to discredit the Labour party How and why else would such a clown gain such an appointment. In five or even ten years, we’ll have become accustomed to an unopposed, dictatorial party being in power It is a possibility that we’ll never see a true opposition again, our democratic nation will be just as much over as much as if we’d stayed in the European Union and we’re not out yet.

I’m not surprised by all the above. When I think about how our democracy has been under constant surreptitious and insidious assault for decades, I’m amazed that it has lasted this long. I and I think that goes for most of us, certainly wouldn’t trust May or the Conservatives with BREXIT, they just didn’t plan to lose the referendum. Unfortunately, the Conservatives and the Eurocrats, through the use of a smoke and mirrors campaign, that is unfortunately brilliant, are well under way to undermining our democratic decision and the British must wake up to this.

With the huge majority that the Conservatives are predicted to win in the election, there won’t be much that we can do to stop them, whatever stitch up they try and impose on us over BREXIT. We’re already being told that we’ll likely be tied to the European Court of Human Rights for a number of years after Brexit. Uncontrolled immigration is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

It is in the Conservatives’ interest to allow immigration to continue, it will further disenfranchise us native British and UKIP will be finished as anything of any significance, before the next election in 2022/3 and certainly by the one after that.

This coming election is the last chance for us indigenous British to have any significant representation in our own political system. What is to be done?

Many years ago, I was sitting in my garden with strawberries, cream and a bottle of Champagne, watching Wimbledon on TV. There was a very tense final, I can’t even remember who the players were, but I learnt an important lesson. The favourite had lost two sets and badly, it was down to match point in the third set. Amazingly, instead of cracking up, the favourite, returned serve and went on to win the game, followed by the set, the further two sets and then the match.

This is the mark of a champion! This was one of the most important lessons I have ever learnt in my life: champions don’t ever give up or quit, it is what distinguishes a brilliant tennis player, sportsman, businessman or politician from a true champion.

This is where we native British are today, we are at match point, we’ve been brilliantly outmaneuvered, but we mustn’t give up. It has been expressed here that there is some dissatisfaction with the UKIP leadership. We must succeed in-spite of them, not give up because of them: in truth, it’s not about UKIP it’s about our country and putting the Great back into Britain.

We British, must make sure that our wishes are represented in our government. We won’t win the coming election, but we can gain representation and a voice; without it were lost, it’s our last chance. Without a voice in parliament, the years of struggle to get and win the Brexit referendum will have been in vain.

We must wake up the leadership of UKIP, they should be making a lot more noise than they are. Perhaps we should also remember the ancient proverb:

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend’

I’m going to tentatively suggest that maybe, given the gravity of the situation, that UKIP should talk to some of the other political parties with similar objectives to our own. As I’ve said, this is about our country not about UKIP, we need as much help as we can to get the message out there in a very short space of time. Failure at this point means that we will lose our beloved country unless we are to resort to many years of chaos and violence.

There’s another saying that perhaps we should remember:

“adversity makes for strange bedfellows”

When I am an old man, I want to be in my garden, with my strawberries, cream and Champagne, watching Wimbledon: not on my knees praying to Allah.


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