You know what they say about a lie said often enough and loud enough. It doesn’t matter that all these wild claims – based on ridiculous assumptions, worst case scenarios or outright lies and warnings that the country will go back to the bronze age if we leave the EU – are wholly spurious; the damage is being done day after day.

The scrolling banner will be there all day every day on the BBC News and Sky News, endlessly repeating the day’s Remain message. Give them their due, Remain have their daily message  and sadly, they are doing this very well.

That message is mostly deliberate misdirection. It is almost entirely financial, as if trading away our ancient freedom and democracy were just a matter of the balance sheet. Even if any of the scares were true they would not be worth our sovereignty and freedoms.

So where is Vote Leave? Where is their rapid rebuttal unit? Where is their daily message?

The rest of the Leave campaign side  – GO,, Labour Leave, UKIP, and many more – is working its socks off at meetings and rallies, speeches and walkabouts, but by not being ‘the official Leave organisation’, the already biased MSM have been given leave (no pun intended) to totally ignore them, and with odd exceptions, they are only too willing to do just that, let alone repeat and publicise their message.

Boris Johnson’s initial lengthy analysis speech was a superb measured demolition, with sources, across the spectrum of leave issues. Gove has occasionally piped up. Jacob Rees-Mogg recently gave a superb speech to the Bruges group, on the unglamorous but fundamental-to-our-freedom need to pull out of the European Arrest Warrant and the creeping threat to Habeas Corpus if we remain in the EU, and what that would mean for our centuries-old safeguards to individual freedom codified under Magna Carta. A prospect that should horrify ordinary folk. Not a peep. Oh it’s on the web for those who look, but they are the already committed.

And they do write newspaper articles, but those are by nature self-limiting to the readership. Where is the energy of the’ unofficial’ leave campaigners being displayed? Where is the mass coverage necessary to hammer the message home?

I said months ago that Vote Leave was a front, and that they would make token gestures but let the case go by default. You only have to look at their reaction when Nigel Farage was given the ITV slot adjacent to Cameron! The horror that the outstanding and most effective leave performer should get to connect with a mass TV audience!, UKIP, GO will work with anyone who could advance the cause. Vote Leave peevishly say, “It’s my ball and you are not playing, so there!” They don’t want to win.

A vote to leave could destroy the Conservative Party. I believe that, with honourable exceptions, the purpose of Vote Leave has always been to avoid that happening. Party before Country, as always.

All that aside, we desperately need coordinated headline-grabbing daily Leave messages. And yes trade is important, but the threat to Habeas Corpus, the threats to ban ‘far right’ parties (meaning anyone who doesn’t accept EU rule), and even to overturn democratic election results, the fact that we are governed by faceless unelected bureaucrats who cannot be ejected and the fact that these people can, with no veto from us, order into battle our armed forces, whose allegiance is to the Crown, are overpowering arguments that need to be made.

Talk of sovereignty and treason sounds kind of 19th Century-ish, and can and will be portrayed as hankering after our lost empire, so it is not surprising that the Leave side avoid these terms. The fact remains though that the Crown is now subject to rule by a foreign power, as is our constitution. It is clear that anyone seeking to bring that about, or actually bringing that about, is committing treason. But it was done and is being done right now.

This is our last chance to right that wrong. To think that our birthright could be sold in perpetuity for cheaper mobile roaming charges, which laughably the EU actually delayed, not facilitated (another Remain lie writ large), is the stuff of nightmare.

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