Written by Kim


Some time ago now an article was posted here that had a warning which gave people the option to stop reading if they felt squeamish.

We’ve all grown up a bit since then and ‘Dippy’ the Diplodocus is not even funny anymore.

The warning given now is no such joke!


Please stop reading if you are faint hearted, or do not want that ‘skin crawling’ feeling of an impending horror story.


With the way things have been going we decided it would be wise to hope for the best but prepare for the worse.  To that end we started stocking up with food.  Tins of this and that nothing very clever.  Although we did find out that rice can be kept for up to 25 years.  There were other initiatives such as purchasing a dehydrator and getting a ‘log burner’.

The most interesting was making a secure coop and run and purchasing some pullets.  The best online deals were made in China.  That was not an option.  Anyhow the finished coop can double as a reasonable ‘Air B&B’.

Then there was all the preparation getting the feed, bedding, utensils etc.  They were going to be expensive eggs.

We researched what could go wrong.


Last chance to ditch this article!


Let us forget for the time being that parasites such as mites or worms can often be dealt with by using diatomaceous earth.  We will also disregard Avian Encephalomyelitis and Influenza, bacterial and fungal diseases for now.

A common viral infection in poultry was named in 1960 as ‘Marek Disease’ (MDV). It had been a problem for a long time.  It is a 

“Cell-associated but readily transmitted alpha herpes virus with lymphotropic properties of gamma herpes viruses.” (link)

MDV is highly contagious.  Once the virus is introduced into a chicken flock, regardless of vaccination status, infection quickly spreads from bird to bird.  One of the symptoms is infection of lymphoid cells resulting in lymphoma formation.  Also atherosclerosis in which the walls of arteries develop abnormalities, transient paralysis, and persistent neurologic disease.  Lymphoid tumours may manifest in various organs, particularly the liver, spleen, gonads, heart, lung, kidney, and muscle.  Various peripheral nerves, but particularly the vagus (brain-gut nerve), brachial, and sciatic, become enlarged and lose their striations and brains are turned to mush with the more virulent strains.

There is no effective treatment for MDV and vaccination is the central strategy for the prevention and control of Marek disease.  This is the present situation but it wasn’t nearly as bad until … 

In the 1970s, with a new vaccine for baby chicks, it was found that the birds were catching the disease without actually dying.  The virus instead of killing the host could freely mutate creating far more dangerous strains.  Vaccinated birds were not only still able to contract the disease but they were also able to transmit the disease to other birds.  Unvaccinated birds could die within 10 days from the worse mutations.  The viral shedding of vaccinated birds was 10,000 times higher.  With this new vaccine humans had inadvertently given this virus an evolutionary future.

“Our concern here, primarily and foremost, is whether this is going to happen with any of the vaccines that we give to people. But there is a lot we don’t know about how the scenario with Marek’s could apply to newer human vaccines.”  –  James Bull, Molecular Biologist, University of Texas Austin 2015 (link)

The subject of ‘leaky vaccines’ is nothing new.  

Consider a leaky vaccine using new technology on an unsuspecting global population.  You are spared the images of chickens smitten by the mutated strains of MDV (link). They are not pretty, but the implications of what is happening have to be faced up to.

Few understood the dangers of ‘shedding’ or the infectious vaccinated.  Now we may have a better idea of why the new Delta variant is more infectious and why vaccination was not the answer.  

Too late! We are caught in the trap.

However clever humans think they are, they are still relatively ignorant of the workings of the immune system and nature generally.  For instance, up to the beginning of this year the favoured remedy for a cytokine storm was therapeutic plasma exchange, found to be effective as a rescue therapy.   Swapping out the subject’s blood plasma (link) is a long way from blood-letting don’t you think?  Now the nerds are fumbling with various chemicals.  Surely they will solve the problem soon?

Nothing seems to have damaged our perceptions of social stratification and trust in the ruling and professional classes as Climate Change and Sars-Cov-19.  Both have had little or no impact on the vast majority of people yet these subjects appear to have set the agenda damaging our society.  The responses appear out of proportion to perceived threats creating a conflict, division, and a cognitive dissonance and distrust.

Some people knew about the risk of unproven vaccines but they went ahead anyway.  What we will see now is likely a situation where we are all just chickens needing a vaccine to survive.  

Common sense tells us that the world is not a safe place and records tell us it has never been safe.  We are born and we die.  In between there is pain, love, a multitude of events brought about by our own choices, and those we have no control over.  

Sooner or later people will realise that almost everything comes with a cost, except perhaps the love of one’s parents, and eventually one’s partner.  

The cost of that mythical safety has now been imposed on enough people, the rest will have to deal with it.  Shame on those who called us ignorant or illiterate for using our common sense.  

We need retrieving but nature has no pity, only causality.

Keep your spirit up


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