The boatloads of migrants coming from North Africa are posing a major problem for Europe, and the authorities seem to be doing precious little about it.  Everybody seems to be agreed that the aim of the European response is to prevent the migrants getting to Europe by keeping them in North Africa.  The EU has come up with some daft scheme to destroy smugglers boats, but only way to achieve the objective of keeping the migrants in Africa is to negate the attraction of the boats, and there is only one way that this can be effectively done.

At present, the European navies are providing a ferry service that does most of the smugglers work for them.  Migrants that are picked up by our navies are taken to Europe, which is exactly where they want to go!  The only way to stop this trade is to take the rescued migrants and land them back in North Africa.  There are naval landing craft in the region and they could be used to land migrants directly onto an African beach somewhere, with a supply of food and water to sustain them for a few days.  The only reason that this migration scam is successful is because it works.  If it is a known certainty for potential migrants that the trip will end in failure, and they will end up back where they started, they will not want to part with their money and pay the smugglers for a glorified trip around the bay.  Libya is a failed state, and there are factions there that are friendly to the West, so it may be possible to give them some sort of aid if they agree to allow migrants to be landed in their territory.

I know that this sounds heartless and inhuman, but it is the only way to accomplish the objective.  They are returned to where they started out from in much the same condition as they started out, and that is much more humane than what is happening to the migrant boats from Myanmar in the Indian Ocean.

When we see news coverage pictures of the migrants in their boats, most of them don’t appear to be malnourished.  Having lived and worked in Africa, I suspect that many of the young men are the younger sons of good families in sub-Saharan Africa that have been sent, and financed, by their families to try and establish themselves in Europe, from where they can send money back to the family in Africa.  They are most unlikely to be fleeing any sort of persecution.  We also have to realise that most of the migrants are likely to be Muslims, and if they are allowed to settle in Europe and are granted European citizenship, they, or more likely their children, may become the next group of people screaming for the adoption of sharia law in Europe.  It would be interesting to know just what the Islamic world is doing to help their fellow Muslims.  How many migrants is Saudi Arabia taking?  What about the central Asian republics, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan etc.  They have lots of land and a low density of population, how many are they taking?  Recent reports also suggest that some migrants are Islamic State terrorists, who are being sent here to commit acts of terrorism.  It’s about time that our politicians remembered just who they are supposed to be representing, and do not compromise our interests to appease a bunch of international do-gooders.

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