Start Me Up. One of my favourite Rolling Stones songs. (And strange fact: Theresa May used it as her campaign song last year!).  I was lucky enough to go to The Rolling Stones Concert at Stratford the other night. It was brilliant of course and Mick Jagger was as fit and agile as ever. The weather was good, and we watched the sunset at the same time as the concert. The Olympic Stadium is fabulous too. Mick is a British institution now I guess!

Anyway, a few songs in I was lulled out of my relaxation when Mick decided to crack a couple of what I guess are now obligatory jokes about Donald Trump. The audience laughed. Left-wing credentials intact for everyone then. And virtue signalling achieved.  It got me thinking. How does Mick Jagger feel about Brexit? I had looked it up before going to the concert. Apparently, he seemed like he was pro-Brexit before the actual vote. After he changed his mind though and wrote a couple of songs which have been attributed to his views on the vote to leave (and I could comment that he hasn’t had a top ten hit for many years). In England Lost he says his football team lost and ‘I had a girl in Lisbon, a girl in Rome, now I’ll have to stay at home’…. Oh no poor baby is lamenting having to get a visa (possibly), and ‘Gotta Get a Grip’ was about the global situation with Brexit and Trump etc and included the charming lines: ‘Immigrants pouring in, refugees under your skin, keep ‘em under, keep ‘em out, intellectual shut your mouth’.  And apparently Mick gave advice to Obama on how to help Cameron stop Brexit (excuse me if I laugh, that went so well didn’t it, Obama telling us what to do? It certainly increased the Leave vote!)

But to be fair to Mick he hasn’t been as bad as many celebrities in trying to tell us how to vote and how to live. And he has conceded that Brexit may not be so bad (thanks!) and that in 20 years’ time it might actually be quite good! And oh yes, it won’t really affect him (being filthy rich I guess, if only the rest would now shut up!) – that’s right – it’s the workers amongst us who are most affected by mass immigration and open borders.

No, Mick isn’t even anywhere near as vocal as many other celebrities. Some of them make me really angry. Some are laughable. We have always looked up to celebrities and admired them of course, but it’s a very modern phenomenon that they now think they are ordained to tell us what to do and how to vote! Let’s take a look.

Benedict Cumberbatch is one that really grates for me – trapping his audience after his theatre show every evening to rant against the government, send people round with collection buckets for refugees and tell everyone we must take more! To date, I haven’t noticed any news that he is housing any refugees in his very posh house. He also was one of 282 celebs who signed an open letter against Brexit and basically saying it was vital for them to have the freedom to travel around Europe unhindered – oh how stressful for them! He then embarrassed himself by calling black actors ‘coloured’ – now considered a racist term – not very au fait with his usual virtue-signalling.

Lily Allen is another one – going to Calais to cry and apologise to refugees on our behalf – for what I’m not sure – and insisting we should take more and house them ourselves – again to date not only has she not taken any in but was caught whingeing that her ‘tenant’ of her luxury home wouldn’t leave before Christmas! Tut tut Lily.

JK Rowling is worried that racists and bigots would vote for Brexit. And insists that only being in the EU can solve terrorism and climate change (since when did we agree that climate change was a threat?).

Bob Geldof – a spectacular fall from grace in my eyes. He was once a hero who raised millions and inspired a generation to help starving children in Africa. Now he is a champagne-swilling toff who sails down the Thames on a yacht with his wealthy chums laughing and jeering at hardworking fishermen who are losing their livelihood to the EU. Talk about an own goal. I guess he’s been living in Liberal Elite Land and has lost touch.

Then we had the lovely video of various stars swearing in a bid to get young people to get out and vote – because they assumed the young would all vote Remain –  Vivienne Westwood, Lily Cole, Keira Knightley to name but a few. How condescending to young people! Other irritants are Tracey Emin, Helena Bonham Carter, Hugh Grant, Idris Elba (children of immigrants work harder is roughly the message I get from him), Jude Law, Steve Coogan, Jo Brand, David Beckham, Eddie Izzard, Emma Thompson (cake stuffed island – remember that?) and sadly David Attenborough! The most priceless for me was David Dimbleby’s angry little face on the BBC on the night of the Referendum count – when he realised Leave had won and he would have to sit there all night announcing and discussing it – revenge is sweet!

I have to give a special mention to Gary Lineker who just doesn’t give it a rest. Will he ever give it up? He is so rich and will never be affected no matter what we do, but he said, ‘It’s hard to see a single positive thing about Brexit’. Except maybe that it’s democracy, we are a great country either way and that many of the people who love football and made you rich probably voted for it?

Their comments on Brexit have put me off many of them – not because they didn’t vote for it but because they have been so disparaging and snide in their anger since Remain lost.

Of course, many celebrities also had the bravery to speak out for Brexit and we love them for it: Liz Hurley, Joan Collins, Edward Fox, Elaine Paige, John Cleese, Michael Caine, Julian Fellowes, Morrisey, Katie Hopkins, Keith Chegwin, Roger Daltrey, Ian Botham, Sol Campbell and so on. There is also, of course, the fantastic Artists for Brexit movement, giving artists the voice and confidence to say that they don’t conform to the left-wing virtue-signalling agenda that they are often obliged to follow just to get airtime on the BBC etc. Bravo for them!

So, Sir Mick, whilst I loved your concert and enjoy many of your hits, I just wish you would have some confidence in us, Great Britain, the country that first made your rich and successful. Come on – don’t be ‘under their thumb’, because ‘you can’t always get what you want’ (ok, corny I know), so why don’t you admit it, we’ll be fine, because there’s nowhere better on earth to be right now than the UK and if only everyone would get behind Brexit the world could be our oyster. Here’s to Brexit!

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