In October 2018 as a result of it becoming obvious the ‘deal’ that Theresa May had obtained was not going to represent a real Brexit and was totally biased in favour of the EU we, a group of Constitutional Lawyers and legally trained Brexiteers, founded “The People’s Brexit” as a Campaign and Research Group.

We already knew that the UK was in the EU illegally and one of us had even written to the Attorney General at the time of the Miller case (December 2016) with legal facts of this, but the letter was totally ignored and received no reply. Despite this snub, we were allegedly having Brexit anyway, so we continued to put our trust in the Government to deliver upon the result of the 2016 Referendum.  

After this, from research in April 2017, one of our legal researchers had discovered what we consider to be the ‘Holy Grail’ of Brexit which was the Hansard (the official Parliamentary record, now freely available online) report dated 1st June 1961 (Hansard reference: HC Deb 01 June 1961 vol 641 cc414-7) when backbench Conservative MP Edward du Cann requested a Referendum or General Election for the People before official negotiations to join the EEC commenced.

Based upon the fact that the People were “anxious” about it stating, “many people think that this decision whether to go into the Common Market is the gravest which Britain has had to make since 1939”, he also stated that the People did not understand or know about the political implications that membership would entail and went on to state “before far-reaching political arrangements are made there ought to be some clear expression of opinion by the electorate either at an election or through a referendum”.  In his response the Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, agreed that Mr du Cann was right in everything he said, but refused to give the People their democratic right of a vote. 

This also exposes the truth that before negotiations even (officially!) began, the EEC/EU was never about trade and always about setting up a Federal Superstate and this truth was deliberately lied about and hidden from the public by the politicians from then until now. It is nearly sixty years since the public could and should have had their say on whether or not to even start negotiations to join the EEC/EU.

The reason why this very reasonable request was refused was because Macmillan knew that the People would have, whether in a Referendum or General Election, been totally against even negotiations let alone joining. This is the same reason why the People were denied any say at all on joining between 1961 until the UK actually joined the EEC/EU on 1/1/73, despite numerous requests and attempts by ‘Anti-Marketeer’ MPs to force Referendums and General Elections on the issue.

We trusted Theresa May’s Government to deliver a real not a fake Brexit, but held onto this evidence. In October 2018 we informed the Prime Minister of this evidence as well as numerous ‘Brexit supporting’ MPs and Ministers. Since then we have written countless letters with more evidence to MPs that have been largely ignored as, we have since realised, they exposed the inconvenient truth. We have now given up writing to the current MPs as all of them are determined to protect their Conservative/ Labour/ Liberal Party predecessors, as all three parties played a major role in illegally delivering the UK into the EEC/EU.

We decided to build upon our research of Hansard to see what we could discover and found it was like discovering King Tut’s tomb with all the Brexit treasures we unearthed! The politicians’ deception and the lies were there for us to see in the Hansard reports and we wanted the world to know about them too and so contacted the MSM and unsurprisingly never received any replies from them either! 

Determined to inform the public on our findings, we put articles on our website We have written articles for non-MSM and a book:”Brexit: The Heath and EEC Conspiracy – The Truth in Brief”, (available on Amazon), which has been very well received. We have tried to write about a very complicated deception dating back nearly 70 years and make it an easy quick read so that people can get up to speed very quickly with information that has taken us many hours over many months to assemble. 

Edward Heath, the Conservative Prime Minister who illegally signed the Treaty of Accession to the EEC/EU on 22nd January 1972, played the main part in the lies and deception that illegally forced the UK into the EEC/EU on 1/1/73, commencing with his controversial pro-European integration maiden speech in 1950. However, many other politicians also played large parts in it including Harold Macmillan, Harold Wilson, Jeremy Thorpe, Roy Jenkins etc. helped by a very willing House of Lords (with just a few exceptions).  

The current MPs in the House of Commons have now exposed, with their wilful denial of Democracy, the reality that it has always been the Politicians v the People over the EEC/EU. We were sold out by our own elected Politicians and this is continuing right now. The only difference between now and the 1960s and 1970s is, they cannot hide what they are doing any more behind the closed doors of Parliament and exclude the People! Further, why should the People of today literally be paying for the deception and the betrayal of the politicians of yesterday? The truth must now be known by everyone. 

Our evidence including our new Hansard evidence and previously classified Government documents gives us indisputable proof that the UK was taken into the EEC/EU on an Illegal, Unconstitutional and Undemocratic basis against the will of the People and Parliament. To rectify this injustice it is important to take legal action against the EU, for the primary role they played, under International Law for Compensation and full co-operation for an immediate Brexit under WTO terms. 


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