On the evening of the convincing ‘OXI’ or ‘No’ vote of the referendum in Greece, we had even more reason to consider our own impending referendum. The UK referendum on EU membership is more than a simple request for a verdict on a package of economic austerity measures; it is the opportunity to gain promotion for ourselves into full independent nationhood once again. The elevated status awaiting us beyond a ‘No’ vote in the referendum has rewards in many dimensions. Ten such rewards are listed here, with restored sovereignty as the chief prize.

They make a convincing case, in fact a highly positive case for leaving the EU, where we will then have the powers and the freedoms to govern for our own purposes. The UK will undergo a transformation from a constrained sub-member of a sclerotic bureaucracy, into a country with many new options and opportunities to exploit for our benefit. It will be a time for innovative political thinking and for delivering good governance, so lacking in current politics.

In the campaign to achieve the ‘No’ vote, it is important to stress the value of the positive effects of leaving the EU and to avoid repetitive or carping criticisms. It will also be a good tactic to challenge the ‘Yes’ campaigners to state the benefits to the UK of staying in, and showing where the EU has helped the UK in a way which we could not have done for ourselves. This puts them firmly on the defensive, and is likely to reveal few areas of EU legislation which are truly useful and even fewer which could not be improved upon.

1. Sovereignty – executive authority will reside solely in the UK for the benefit of the UK, and be free from outside intrusion

2. Economy – the UK, with the sixth largest economy in the world, will be free to negotiate flexible trade deals on terms favourable to our ourselves

3. Industry and Trade – take back our seat on the World Trade Organisation, and restrictive and burdensome generic EU regulations will be replaced by UK specific free trade rules

4. Growth – the UK economy will be free to cooperate with the faster growing new economic powers

5. Energy – we will be free to pursue the lowest cost energy sources and mix of types

6. Human Rights – revise the existing rights to emphasise national self determination and individual protection

7. Fisheries – regain control over our own waters and our rightful share of the European fishing industry, providing new employment and effective fisheries control

8. Political – the return of the 43 ‘competences’ and powers given up to the EU, will enable all political parties in the UK to re-acquire the legislative strengths to fulfil their vision for the UK

9. Defence – there will be the option to join other EU countries in mutual defence with no compulsion

10. Financial – the £55m a day payment to the EU and the ~£100bn a year regulatory burden will be available for other purposes

The ten points show the many benefits from leaving the EU. Together they draw a picture of the brighter future for the UK which can be enabled by the simple act of voting ‘No’ in the referendum. With the economic burdens removed, the constraining legislation untied, and the sclerotic remote bureaucracies replaced by locally focused politicians, it will begin an era of enduring and plentiful opportunity. The better democracy, the financial rewards, and the sheer glorious freedom to manoeuvre are there for the taking.

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