A huge forest of paper has been used for the writings of political philosophy, science and history, and how they interact to support analysis and understanding. Anything I could possibly aspire to would have already been articulated much better and in a hundred ways before.

But this essay serves me to understand and remind. It may serve you also in my choice of words and perspective.

Socialism is an ideology that man and woman have had to work through. Would we have been better if it was never conceived?

No, because surely, all the stones have to be turned?

In our small spit of a life it is difficult, if not impossible, to take in the suffering, misery and death that imposed ideologies have caused. But the ideals of the young, the human energy, vitality and well-meaning is there too. Was Karl Marx a bad person? Like religious ideologies, is it the subsequent implementation that leaves us open and vulnerable to the human condition?

This is an extract from an eight page pamphlet called ‘Have You Had Enough?’ produced by Trinity, a small group trying to ‘make a difference’:

 The Labour Party’s formation in 1900 included the middle class Fabian Society and the Marxist Social Democrat Federation.

Lenin’s Bolsheviks founded Russian Communism explicitly on the Ideology of Marxism. Karl Marx made two fundamental mistakes. He didn’t account for the power and scope of free enterprise and the inherent human need for individual freedoms and liberty.

 The Fabian Society represents a far more sinister ‘soft’ communism. Named after a Roman for his use of gradualism, wearing down the opposition. Their philosophy is the driver for the current Political Correctness. It is a campaign which demonises any opposition to their view of a Socialist world by way of intimidation through name calling and threats. They exert influence by taking gradual steps in social engineering.

Among the original concepts of Fabianism are nationalisation of land, the destruction of capitalism and competition, state intervention in family units, and gender confusion. These ideologies have ridden on the back of our struggle for emancipation which started long before the Labour party.

Although many good reforms have been introduced by Labour in the 20th century, socialist and communist influences doom the Labour Party to ultimate failure. Economic and cultural disasters prevail under the dead hand of Labour.

Freedom of Speech and Liberty will have no place in a Socialist or Communist Totalitarian State. Fabians would try to stop your individualism and right to self-determination. They confuse equality of outcome with equality of opportunity.

In hindsight, after writing and producing many hundreds of these pamphlets, there is some fine tuning and explaining needed.

It could be argued that there were three fundamental mistakes made by Marx. The third was his apparent ignorance of the inability of man to deal with personal power. Whereas it cannot be disputed that self-determination, trade and free enterprise has helped develop humankind and provide prosperity, the consequences of exerting control has had adverse effects. By striving for the myth of equality in outcome, the goose has been killed and the forces of the ‘inherent human need for individual freedoms and liberty’ have come into play. The conflict of these forces have undone any benefits. Is this what Blake meant when he wrote ‘the tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction’?

We are communal animals!

It is not surprising that terms like, ‘workers self-management’, ‘social ownership’, ‘collectivism’ and ‘communism’ (with a small c), sounded good when oppression was so rampant. What a trap Socialism became. ‘No need to worry’, the community will pull together and support all, and so ownership and independence was lost.

Terms such as ‘environmentalism’, ‘feminism’ and ‘progressivism’ clearly imply control and manipulation of social habits. This raises the old chestnut, the question of nurture or nature. Would we have secured freedoms, respect of each other and equality of opportunity, regardless?

Yes, definitely, unequivocally, and yes again! What a crying shame that so many were pulled through the mill to find that out.

‘We cannot blame Socialism for everything’, you may say. Mussolini, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Kim Jong-il, Pol Pot to name a few socialist leaders. More locally, families with generations on welfare state, failing services, inner-city deprivation, and all the tragedies that go with these. Don’t even consider the ‘happiness indicator’!

Why has this happened?

One simple word will explain all. Power. Man and woman cannot deal with authority and power. The leaders above were authoritarian socialists, fascists by another name. Power is addictive, corruptive and impairs the decision making abilities of those who wield it. Lord Acton pointed out that ‘power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. He also believed that moral standards should be applied to all equally. That rule should also apply to political and religious leaders.

But what of collective power? Virtue signalling, political correctness, environmentalism, feminism, anti-fascism (sic), and victimhood.

Socialism, by taking away ownership and responsibility, has created a whole swathe of losers. Having lost that spark of life that is individuality, self-determination, responsibility and enterprise, the victims then tap into the power that socialism has created for itself. They are enslaved in a psychological maze of reliance.

Here is another extract from the pamphlet:

‘Two lessons were learnt from the breakup of the USSR: the failure of Communism and the need for devolvement of power to smaller states. People want freedom, self-determination, and ownership of their lives. These are natural demands which express themselves all over the world and will continue to do so. When the Governance of a country is moved to a supra-national level then Democracy is moved away from ordinary people, and fails.’

This is, of course, is why socialists abhor the nation state. Like desperate vampires, their need for power can no longer be satiated in the nation state, it has become too risky. Socialism must be exposed.

“Man is the only real enemy we have.” – George Orwell, Animal Farm (1945)

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