We wrote this article the day before the Paris attacks, although we have edited it slightly since. That atrocity serves to remind us of the folly of where our “leaders” are taking us now. Please read on…

There are many who now believe we are staring at the end of peace in Europe with a choice between communism or Islamic control within 40 years, with increasing levels of Islamic terrorism in the meantime. Manipulating them would be an evil world elite who control banking, energy, food, pharma and the endless World Wars.

Is it conspiracy theory, or is it really happening? And will the populations of Europe (and America) allow it to happen?

The EU lurches between manufactured crises so they can force through their agenda – the €uro, “global warming”, migration and, now, the inevitable terrorism.  Meanwhile, they are surrounded by a gaggle of halfwits in the wider organisation – the Commission, the EU Parliament and the national governments. On the immigration issue, some are waking up, such as Orban and his country Hungary, EU groups such as EFDD , UKIP the leading member, and the French populace perhaps,  if they elect Le Pen in 2017 as President. It will be a hard fight as those in the system enjoy enormous pay and perks and will do anything to cling to them.

Curiously, this wave of immigrants is already fuelling terrorist activities with cash and proximity to targets that is in direct contradiction to the War on Terror nonsense we have been fed since 9/11.

Curiously, their coming here will drive up the birth rate and their leaving the old country will allow space and resources for even more people. This will push up the World population in direct contradiction to the fear spread about over population.

Curiously, this wave of immigrants will trash any Carbon Emission targets set as they will push up energy demand which is in direct contradiction to all the AGW nonsense.  Even more curiously, the Islamic Climate Declaration calls on Muslims worldwide to “fight climate change” .

All of a sudden AGW, over-population and migration have mostly disappeared from the news. So had terrorism, until today. On top of that, the situation at Calais is actually worse now than when it was splashed all over the TV screens, but we don’t hear about it, and now the UK is going to fly in Syrian (or those posing as Syrians?) refugees (or immigrants?) direct from Turkey. Coincidence?

Across the Atlantic, the American people have a similar set of problems imposed by their own government: their supra-nationalist goals with NAFTA, the same “global warming” scam and both Mexican plus an increasing amount of Islamic immigration.

One must understand that the EU and USA elites share the same view and intellectual pool from the same sources.  Take a look at some of these links:

The View from the American Side:

National Review: Brave New Transnational Progressive World

Planners Network, The Organization of Progressive Planning: Transnationalism not Assimilation

Ideological War: Liberal Democracy vs. Transnational Progressivism: The Future of the Ideological Civil War Within the West

Free Republic: The Ideological War Within the West – Agenda of UN EU US Transnational Elites

The View From the EU Side:

Worlds On the Move (book): Beyond Sovereignty  – Transnationalism in Immigration Policy

Adult Education Policy and the European Union (book): Use the search function included to find all the transnationalism references in this document

Dynamics of Regulatory Change – How Globalization Affects National Regulatory Policies

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies: Markets against politics: Migration, EU enlargement and the idea of Europe

Ethnic and Racial Studies: Why migration policies fail

The EU policy of Progressive Transnationalism is a fundamental principle of “ever closer union”: the formation of one country and destruction of the nation states.  However, this one country can never have a demos, therefore can never be ruled by democracy: only a collectivist and communist approach will work. They do write it all down, and it’s all in plain view – if the reader has taken the trouble to look at some of the links above.

The cover story from the EU, their national puppets (such as Cameron and Merkel, although she may be a puppeteer) and the mainstream media is that:

  • This is a great opportunity, a chance to reap the positive benefits of free injections of workers that will be a net positive to Europe.
  • European countries need this to survive as nations
  • They are needed to support the aging demographic, notably in Germany.

This is all an utter lie. We know that:

  • Immigrants from outside of Europe are mostly a huge net drain on resources.
  • ISIS are embedding terrorists within the flood of immigrants, some of whom have already popped up in Paris in the last 24 hours.
  • Jobs are disappearing to cheaper countries.
  • People on dirt poor wages are not surviving here in the land of high taxes and living costs.

In Germany, political dialogue is carefully staged to argue whether they should be processed before the border, or after it, or at the border.  Any real national discussion is effectively suppressed on topics such as:

  • The fact that the amount of mass migration is totally untenable
  • The reluctance of most able-bodied non-European women to work
  • Many men are uneducated and unskilled
  • Health problems associated with the re-introduction of diseases long banished from Europe
  • Their unwillingness to integrate
  • Followers of Islam have been taught to hate us, that it is their duty to spread Islam. Consequently, many have a sense of entitlement the size of Jupiter and expect it all for free.
  • Lying to or raping a kuffir is actually allowed by their theological teachings, while Cameron tells us Islam is “the religion of peace”.

We now see Sweden closing its borders, though the country is already ruined through ghettoization, violence and rape.  The leftie-state, till now, has done nothing but kowtow to them and offer more cash. It is unlikely the socialists would have the stomach for draconian measures, so the raft of immigrants will absorb the country’s wealth, abuse the system, drive down wages, push up crime and continue to rape its women… unless the Swedish people “flip” to voting the Swedish Democrats into power.

In other European countries like France, the UK and Norway the situation is rapidly heading the way of Germany and Sweden.

We have governments totally divorced from the people and reality.  They are hell bent on promoting the EU and driving the end of national identity.  They have forgotten all the lessons from history (e.g. The Gates of Vienna).  By the importation of Africans and Middle-East peoples they have ensured the problems from these countries will infect Western Europe.

With ineffective, remote and deceitful politicians driving this damaging change many fear violent conflict being the outcome. The change must be stopped and reversed, those responsible must be ousted from office and held accountable, and better, wiser people must be found to take their place.  But, they have it all to lose and we have it all to gain.  This is an unsustainable situation.

And today, the treasonous, muslim-worshipping politicians are sending public condolences for an act of mass murder they are ultimately responsible for by importing the problem and then not stamping on it for decades. Hollande has relied on the muslim vote at the expense of the lives of his fellow country men and women. And so war returns to Europe on the back of political decisions that were not wanted, made no sense and were not subject to democratic approval.

It’s a giant version of ‘group think’ and no one wants to be the boy who says:


For those too young to remember, here’s the 1971 Coke advert – it was a beautiful vision…

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