In 1993, Islamic terrorists attempted to destroy The World Trade Centre in New York for the first time. But although there were a number of casualties the building itself was merely damaged and did not, as planned, collapse into its twin. So the West quickly forgot.

In 2001, on the 11th September (known as 9/11), the terrorists tried again and this time they were entirely successful. As the world knows, both of the Twin Towers were destroyed by planes taken over by Islamic pilots while another was crashed into the Pentagon. Over 3,000 civilians and firemen were killed and more than 6,000 wounded. And this time, the West has not forgotten.

But there is a great deal that the Western authorities did not know at the time and even since its discovery, seem to have chosen to put out of their collective mind.

Two months after the 9/11 tragedy in November 2001, a document now known as ‘The Project’, was discovered during a raid organised by Swiss police at the request of the White House, on the home of Bank Director, Youssef Nada who had been a member of the Muslim Brotherhood for over 50 years.

Written in Arabic and dated 1st December 1982, ‘The Project’ outlined a 12-point strategy on how to establish an Islamic government throughout the world. It had been prepared by Islamic researchers associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. This organisation was founded in 1928 and is considered to be the oldest and one of the most important Islamist movements in the world.

‘The Project’ contains no ranting Islamic rhetoric but is a sophisticated, long-term master plan to take over the West by what is termed ‘cultural invasion’, using immigration, terrorism, deception and finally political legitimacy. It has been described as ‘a totalitarian ideology of infiltration which represents the greatest danger for European societies’, so you would expect this discovery to have made media headlines throughout the world.

But no. While  the Western Intelligence communities may still discuss it, knowledge of ‘The Project’ only reached the public through a book which was published in October 2005 by a Swiss journalist*, and a web magazine in 2006 ** – and even now, both public and media seem to be ignoring it.

Yet, slowly and stealthily, ‘The Project’ is succeeding.

Acts of violent terrorism have unsettled countries throughout Europe and the West in general, with Governments, afraid of being termed ‘racists’ or ‘Islamophobes’, shielding their eyes from really seeing the perpetrators. Islam, they tell us, is a religion of peace.

We have gradually become aware of the entry of mainly Islamic refugees and migrants into the West, trying hard not notice. But since the summer of 2015 when more than one million crossed EU borders, this has been hard to do. We have urged them to ‘integrate’, but this is not what they want, no matter how polite we are, so we have called it ‘multiculturalism’, telling ourselves that we should support their distinct cultural group within our society. After all, we have no quarrel with the moderate members of Islam …

But true to ‘The Project’, the moderate muslim organisations and their members are infiltrated in order to realign them towards the aims of the Muslim Brotherhood. And once realigned, the newly-committed Islamists then build social networks of schools, hospitals and charitable organisations dedicated to Islamist ideals.

Next they involve themselves in democratically-elected institutions throughout the West, from government and social services to trades unions and private organisations, and use these institutions until they can be converted and put into the service of Islam. Sharia courts are set up and Islamic constitutions and laws are drafted for eventual implementation, while ensuring that these laws conform to their particular brand of Islamic ideology.

The Muslim Brotherhood use Taqqiya, the deception allowed for the benefit of Islam, to institute alliances with Western ‘liberals’ who believe that they have similar goals. The Brotherhood persuade these ‘progressives’ to adopt the total liberation of Palestine from Israel as a world cause, and to use their latent anti-Semitism to ignore the permanent hatred by Muslims against Jews in the West.

Fund-raising is constant, but these are not just to fund holy war, or jihad, against the Jews but also against other sects within the Islamic religion in the Middle East, where even more devastating terrorist attacks have taken place than in Europe. And they are also to assist the building, as we now know, of an Islamic State.

Bearing in mind that this draft of ‘The Project’ was originally written in 1982, it might be surprising that it has kept so closely to its original ideas over the past 35 years. But it is actually even older than that, having been part of the Charter of the Muslim Brotherhood which was officially established, as mentioned above, in 1928.

Since it was re-Chartered in 1982 the Muslim Brotherhood has spread from its first home in Egypt across the Middle East, Europe and even America where it is represented by the Muslim American Society (MAS), founded in 1993. This might seem surprising, since the Muslim Brotherhood has always advocated terrorism as a means of advancing its agenda of Global Islamic Domination.

There are now serious questions which need answering.

Firstly, why has ‘The Project’ never been brought to the attention of the public throughout the West, why has it been basically hidden away, out of sight? Why has it been allowed to be so successful over such a long time, not confronted and destroyed as would be expected by those who are supposed to defend us?

Then, since this has not been done, are we to assume that our authorities have deliberately turned many blind eyes to the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood whose aim is to usurp the West’s religion, way of life and population?

Do the Western Governments truly wish to encourage the Muslim religion, Islamic way of life and political system to spread throughout the world?

And if so, why?


*La Conquete de l’Occident:  Le projet secret des Islamistes (The Conquest of the West:  The Islamists’ Secret Project), by Sylvain Besson, published in October 2005 in France

**   Thursday, May 11, 2006

Photo by David Holt London

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