I invite you to our UKIP LONDON rally to thank the United States of America for being a steadfast friend to Britain, especially over the last 101 years, and to welcome our guest, its President.  We want to make up for some of the rudeness and inhospitality directed at him by the illiterati.

Our event is just outside the US Embassy33 Nine Elms Lane, London SW11 7US on Saturday 14 July 2018 starting at noon.

There will be speeches.

This doesn’t mean we agree with absolutely everything Trump says or does.  I don’t.

A letter of greeting and thanks will be delivered to the Embassy.  You will have an opportunity to sign it.  I assure you that it will find its way to the White House.

Make Britain Great Again, with its founders Luke Nash-Jones and Martin Costello, will be by our side.  Watch their Youtube channel for a real treat –  – my favourite is where they discreetly attend lefty gatherings and engage them in conversation, asking them to explain their views… what follows is often hilarious.

I estimate our gathering will last for less than 2 hours.

See you there!


The easiest route is from the closest tube/rail station, Vauxhall. Exit the tube and bus station and turn left on to the A3036 heading south-west. It is a one-way street and you’ll be walking for about 300 yards, on the pavement, naturally, against the traffic. At the first intersection, turn right on to Nine Elms Lane. The US Embassy is about 500 yards away, on the left. The whole walk takes about 10 minutes.


You may have read contradictory or worrying things about police bans.  If you have concerns about legality – do not worry, but read on:

The Police confirmed to me in writing (see below) that they have backed down on earlier suggestions they were going to ban/restrict “my” event, and have NOT imposed conditions on it, a static (stationary) gathering.

Note: The Police have, however, banned any march (i.e., procession) from that location, or from near there, whether or not to join up with an unconnected “Free Tommy Robinson” event which starts at Whitehall at 3 pm that day.

This doesn’t present us with a problem.

If you wish to participate in that event too, which would be your own choice (I am not suggesting or recommending it), you could do worse than walk back towards Vauxhall station individually or in very small groups. But be careful not to do anything en route which has the appearance of being a march or procession, as these have been banned per an order under s12 Public Order Act 1986.

So, do not brandish or wave banners, flags or the like, or shout slogans, or sing.  To do so might get you nicked and fined, acquiring a criminal record.   Use your common sense.

As you approach Vauxhall station, you’ll find a bus stop for route 87.  Catch this bus (frequency, every 6 minutes) travelling in the same direction you’ve been walking, and take it to Westminster / Parliament Street (journey time, about 15 minutes). Whitehall is just off Parliament Square and, given the likely size of the “Free TR” rally, it’ll be hard to miss.  You’ll have ample time for a snack.



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