Having listened to Dave’s vision of Britain under his leadership, my reaction was to identify various words ending in TORY and attribute relevant meanings to them.  I believe this helps to highlight the negatives associated with, or that are applicable to, the self-proclaimed, so-called modern, compassionate Conservatives:

Accusatory: blaming the cohesive heritage population for the failings of the numerous minorities;

Capitulatory: giving in to considerations of race, sex, orientation and religion before merit;

Circumlocutory: avoiding answering questions and inverting common sense;

Compensatory: prepared to pay any claim of injustice, however spurious or outdated;

Conciliatory: pander to almost any bogus or bizarre complaint

Condemnatory: chastise the many for wanting to preserve our culture, traditions and values;

Confiscatory: taking away our sense of individuality, identity, pride and history;

Contradictory: proposing equality for all while not treating everyone the same;

Contributory: sendingmillions of pounds a dayto a wasteful, corrupt and unelected EU;

Derogatory: the language used when trying to combat UKIP;

Desultory: current immigration policy;

Dilatory: police and social services inRotherham; many elsewhere who likewisefailed to act;

Hallucinatory: the belief that Britain cannot survive and prosper outside the EU;

Inflammatory: espousing the notion that we must be in the EU in order to be worthwhile;

Inhibitory: a victim culture which stifles free speech and makes crimes of innocent words and actions;

Mandatory: promote minority rights and values above those of the majority;

Migratory: the impulse of many people who can’t bear to see what’s happening to this country;

Nugatory: the small worth of what the EU will concede to Britain;

Obfuscatory: the manner in which any new EU deal will be explained by the government;

Obligatory: sending money abroad, much of which could better serve the needy in this country;

Oratory: soundbites and platitudes, little substance;

Perfunctory: house building policy. Not too few houses, TOO MANY PEOPLE;

Predatory: paedophiles, particularly those of Pakistani provenance or Muslim persuasion;

Prehistory: the source of Muslim actions, attitudes and beliefs;

Prohibitory: Muslim culture;

Purgatory: imprisoned by Islamic thinking and conduct; shackled to the EU;

Retaliatory: what the residual EU would notand, in its own interests, could not be after Britain leaves;

Regulatory: the overbearing, invasive EU;

Unsatisfactory: the democratic deficit and unaccountability of publicly funded organisations.


Once the vote to leave is secured, these Tory words can enter the UKIP lexicon:


Celebratory: the mood after British exit from the European Union;

Congratulatory: the feeling towards those who got us out of the EU;

Crematory: the building where the mountain of EU laws, directives, rules and regulations are burnt;

Deregulatory: the sweeping aside of the many impediments holding this country back;

Emancipatory: freeing women from the cave-man attitudes held bymembers of some sections of society;

Exploratory: seek new markets; re-establish old friendships, betrayed when we joined the Common Market;

Inspiratory: the result of being a free, independent and empowered country again;

Reconciliatory: be friends, co-operate and trade with our European neighbours but not be tied to them;

Satisfactory: the condition of the British people when they find all the scaremongering was exactly that;

Transitory: any after effects of leaving the EU;

Valedictory: goodbye EU, hello big wide world;

VICTORY: stemming largely from the existence, persistence and effort of UKIP.

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