As we are all painfully aware, it appears that we no longer have an elected government; this role has been taken over by the Media and Advertising Industry. The only “facts” we are told are skewed by some left wing media outlet, our history ignored, our greatest leaders painted as “racists”, the founding fathers of our modern world pilloried for practices, while abhorrent to today’s snowflake generation, were perfectly legal and considered moral at the time.

To put a new slant on the slave question, in the 1980’s I employed an ex-Royal Marine, born I believe in Wales, and the blackest man I have ever met. I ran a Security company and took time to spend time with my staff, chatting about many subjects. The descendant of slaves, he expressed his gratitude for his ancestors’ servitude. His reasoning was simple, had the slavers not taken his people, to quote him  I would be running around Africa, naked, hitting people over the head with a club before putting them in the pot for lunch!” Certainly, a novel take on slavery.

Every day we are brainwashed by what we see and read. Recently, a high-profile young environmentalist took a sailboat to America, touted as a triumph for not causing damage to the environment. The boat was modern, built out of carbon fibre, with sails of modern man-made fabric, filled with electronics and technology made using rare earth materials. The carbon footprint of this vessel was huge! Going on from this, every day we are told to buy electric cars, because they are better for the planet, but again at what cost, the batteries alone require huge resources in terms of the lithium-ion used in them. As an engineer, trained in the Automotive Industry, I know there are other forms of fuel that are not damaging to the environment. We have wind farms, providing power to the nation, but what of tidal power? The seas rise and fall every day, wind playing little part in this, but millions are sunk into wind power for a technology that is not reliable and requires a backup source that is always available.

These are “big” parts of life on earth, but what of the items we use every day in our homes? Take the detergent used to wash our clothes at low temperatures. The advertisements stress how good they are, how effective at removing stains, and only at the end are we told just how dangerous they are. The security of the catch on the plastic box is highlighted, and we are told, indeed shown, that we should keep this item out of reach of children, indeed in one advert, Chris Bonninton would have a job to reach them! Surely if this product is so dangerous to the health of our children, that such precautions need to be taken, is it something we should have in our homes? My concern is the risk of a family washing machine, even when fairly new, not rinsing correctly, resulting in the residue of these dangerous chemicals remaining in the fabric of the clothing. Even if none is left, what of the eventual destination of the washing solution? Introduction of the “pill” resulted in fish, harvested from the sea, undergoing sex changes brought about by the hormones used in birth control pills, and then WE eat the fish, as a fish supper on a Friday night. Who can say what time bomb awaits us a few generations on?

In the UK we drive on the left, a hangover, we are told from when knights rode horses, and we positioned ourselves so that our sword hand was available to defend ourselves. This proposition is borne out by the fact, in pre two metre days, we shook hands using the right hand, a sign that this is a greeting, and not threatening in any way. I can understand why vehicles produced in say, France, are shown in Left Hand Drive, often with badly dubbed English voice-overs, but for the life of me, I do not understand why Land Rover, (and what is more British than a Land Rover?) are showing their latest product on UK TV in LHD form. Having just escaped the clutches of the LHD EU, is this part of the EU negotiations to make us “conform” to European ideals, in other words, is the government using adverts to plant ideas subliminally?

One thing we all tend to forget is that the MSM is comprised of individual concerns, who all need to make a profit. Covid has resulted in improved circulation of the paper media, and increased viewing numbers. My point is simple, the Media is only viable if there is a “story” the gorier the better, or by appealing to man’s more basic instincts (the Sun’s circulation jumped when page 3 was introduced). My advice, take the MSM with a big pinch of salt, use it to discover what to investigate further. Look for both sides of the story, every opinion has the opposite expressed elsewhere, garner the facts, and then make your own decision. Only by making up your own mind on any subject can we all break free from domination by a profit-driven, media-inspired world. By all means, buy a daily paper, I do, in these lockdown days I need a diversion, and when I have finished reading the latest rubbish, I exercise my mind with the crossword and other puzzles, at least then I reckon I get value for my 70p!

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