Theresa May will unveil plans to create ‘the shared society’, revealing her reform vision as reported in an article in The Telegraph. According to this article, May has been taken over by altruism for the welfare of the people, and is becoming a raving socialist, wanting to intervene in markets that don’t conform to her expectations. After May’s imminent speech today (8th January 2017), apparently we’re all going to be heading for a utopian socialist paradise to live happily ever after.

This is one of the most frightening things I’ve ever read, not least because it sounds like it was written in Brussels. We’ve heard this rubbish before and I think we can forget “Brexit means Brexit” in any meaningful sense.

Successive governments have saddled the country with massive debt, allowing jobs to be offshored while allowing massive uncontrolled immigration, overcrowding the country to the extent that our resources and economy will never support everybody. But don’t worry, May will give a nice little speech and it’ll all be OK.

I think the reality is that this is just market positioning, taking the opportunity to grab a much bigger and fatter market segment. May is in a unique situation for any Prime Minister: with the demise of Labour, the Lib-Dems and with UKIP going quiet there is no effective opposition and she’s moving to take advantage of this. Unfortunately, this is like no form of democracy I’ve ever heard of.

What we’re likely to end up with is a one party socialist superstate that will control every aspect of our lives and finances, something that the European Union has been trying to achieve for some time: forget altruism! I’m surprised May has the gall to try this old trick. We’ve seen it all before, but unfortunately it always seems to be effective. President Lula of Brazil promised similar things to the poor: he used to throw them breadcrumbs and they regarded him as a hero. After Lula’s departure, the poor are still living in the gutters of Brazil and the economy is deteriorating. We all know what Stalin really thought of his people.

Let’s look at what I consider to be a likely scenario, to be played out over the next few years. Since the financial crisis, the real issues have never been addressed. I think we all know that we’re in for a repeat performance, albeit much worse. Obama’s presidency was bought at an estimated cost of between ten and seventeen trillion borrowed and freshly printed dollars. Reality has to catch up and fundamentals will re-establish themselves some time: probably on Trump’s watch. Donald Trump may possibly have been set up as the fall guy. He will take the blame for the ensuing chaos – this will teach the American public not to vote for who they were supposed to vote for. The rebellion will be over.

Meanwhile back in the United Kingdom, the Conservatives will have morphed into a one government socialist superstate with little opposition, supported by Tony Blair’s Institute to fight popularism (democracy). I call it the Ministry of Truth!

Blair, it has been reported, is relying on a downturn in the economy to make people regret Brexit. This will probably be the same financial crisis that the globalists will use against Trump. This allegiance between May and Blair should come as no surprise. It has long been said that the Labour and Conservative parties are just two sides of the same coin, with a bit of Lib-Dem around the edges: now all pretence of party politics will be abandoned and we’ll be left with Big Brother. Brexit will be fudged to such a point that in a few more years, the United Kingdom will be subsumed back into the EU. Our democracy will be gone, never to return. The drive towards globalisation will march on.

Some of you may think I’m mad and that maybe things won’t play out as exactly as I’ve described, but I’m very sure that, broadly, I’ll be correct. The point that I’m trying to make is that, although we’ve won a couple of important battles, in the long run and strategically, we’re losing the war.

It is vital that UKIP raises its game.

No political party, organisation or business has ever been successful without a planned long term strategy and objectives. I don’t see this capability in UKIP at the moment. I’m not trying to criticise Paul Nuttall or anyone else, I know that the people that can effectively work at the strategic level are very few and far between and probably earning a fortune in industry.

UKIP must find a way forward though. It is the only political party that may have a credible chance of opposition, our one chance to hang on to our democracy. At the moment UKIP is too quiet. I just pray that it gets its act together and starts making a lot of noise.

Globalisation used to be the stuff of conspiracy theories. Not anymore! Obama amongst others has openly preached the virtues of globalisation and stated that nobody should stand in its way. When Trump won the White House, we saw the masks of the globalists slip, we saw pathetic attempts to discredit Donald Trump and the result of a democratic election, we saw how they’re finding democracy itself an inconvenience. We saw the globalists blame Putin and try to provoke a confrontation, a confrontation which would potentially cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of lives.

The globalists are ruthless in the pursuit of their objectives, they don’t care who they hurt. Do you really want people like this ruling your lives and the lives of your children?Theresa May is a globalist!

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