As the UK is supposedly a Democratic country, I am entitled as a British Citizen to express a lawful opinion as are many others in the UK. Opinions which the Westminster Political Elite have been, and increasingly so, turning a deaf ear to or, worse still, suppressing.

The Conservatives and Westminster Government are, without realising it, in their attempt to shut down Britain First, For Britain, Tommy Robinson, and even as they tried to do with UKIP, blindly aiding and abetting all the Socialist Parties.

The Labour Party, Progressive Alliance, Compass, Momentum, Renew, AntiFa, the Communist Party, face no opposition at all and have created a vacuum with no Right-leaning debate. 

Just as the majority of the political elite in Westminster thought they knew better than the people of the UK to Remain IN the EU, ignoring the concerns of the people of the UK and then, in the following General Election, the Conservative Party mistakenly thought that all those who voted for Brexit would blindly trot along behind them and vote Conservative. 

The Westminster Establishment are making the same mistake again in their attempt to suppress Right Leaning political Parties. 

Anything slightly to the right of centre is condemned as hate speech, Fascist, Racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic or any other rubbish phobia you can think of. Failing that, as they did with UKIP, Fruitcake, uneducated, protest Party, little Britain, pull up drawbridge, etc.

Even Jacob Rees Mogg was branded a Fascist. That is how far politics has deteriorated in this country with the Left being unchallenged.

And how is it that the Mayor of London can brand a Muslim woman’s concerns as Hate Speech because she speaks out against FGM. Where is the Media challenge or political challenge drawn to Sadiq Khan’s statements? Yet the Home Office remains silent with NO PROSECUTIONS at all in the UK for FGM. Why didn’t Sky or the BBC interview her and broadcast the interview?

Her only voice was through Tommy Robinson. See the Tommy Robinson interview with the Muslim lady below.

Right-wing political Parties provide a counterbalance to Left-leaning politics. 

Without that Right wing for people to express their opinions, concerns, feelings, there will be a growing backlash against the Political Establishment. A backlash of the Right which is already growing.

Just what has been achieved imprisoning Britain First’s Leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen? Nothing.

Just what has/is being achieved in demonising Tommy Robinson? Nothing.

Just what has been achieved in locking up for three days an Austrian Citizen, Martin Sellner, and his girlfriend entering the country to make a speech at Speakers Corner. Nothing. By the way, Martin Sellner’s speech was given by Tommy Robinson at Speakers Corner and can be seen by the world on YouTube.

Just what has and is being achieved here with the suppression of Right of Centre debate? Nothing.

There are many other examples of suppression, branded as ‘Hate Speech’  but is, in fact, a suppression of Freedom of Speech. A very dangerous move. We had the same carry on a few years ago when Geert Wilders, now a Dutch politician in the Dutch Parliament, was initially prevented coming into the UK to show his film Fitna. Fitna was eventually aired at a private showing in the House of Lords. Considered then to be suitable for the so-called educated, Liberal Elite in the House of Lords but not suitable for the uneducated proletariat. An attitude that persists today.

Fitna, the full uncensored film is available to anyone on the internet, if you have an open mind and courage to view it. See below.

Right of centre Parties are growing across Europe. Ask yourself why?

Westminster Civil Servants and Politicians with their tender sensitivities may deter them from considering to even look at and debate the Right-leaning arguments. They even ignored UKIP arguments which were derided by the BBC, the media, Remoaners, the political elite such as Tony Blair, the Kinnocks, Vince Cable and Nick Clegg. All of which plays into the hands of those who can exploit such sensitivities.

Sometimes it pays to be politically homeless as I am, as it opens the mind to all the arguments, Left and Right.

It is getting to the point here in the UK that people are frightened to say anything at all in case offence is taken, windows smashed, physically or verbally attacked and abused in the street by Left-wing activists as I have when canvassing for UKIP. The UK Westminster Government’s suppression and persecution of Right-leaning Parties is only bottling up the concerns and resentment of people in the UK. It encourages Left-wing cowardly activists hidden behind balaclavas to think they can get away with doing whatever they want to do. A prime example was when 10 balaclava hooded Islamic cowards tried to beat up Tommy Robinson and a lady friend in the street in broad daylight. And what happened to Tommy Robinson when on his own he followed the 10 cowards to confront them? The police stopped him. Nothing was done by the police to apprehend the cowardly activists.

It is about time our Westminster Politicians and Civil Service had a political wake up call.  

Amber Rudd and the Home Office need a reality check.

The latest Tommy Robinson interview with a Muslim lady is below, which illustrates some of the above. And if you haven’t seen it, Fitna, the Movie by Geert Wilders, no doubt now regarded as Hate Speech or a Hate Film by Amber Rudd and the Home Office. I would suggest Fitna is more the start of a reality check for Amber Rudd and the Home Office. Watch it if you dare.

That is my opinion. I am entitled to express a lawful opinion in what is becoming, more and more, a less democratic country where freedom of speech is increasingly being suppressed through intimidation, lawfully or otherwise.

So far, you are entitled to your lawful opinion. Make use of it.


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