Many year ago, I was dragged by colleagues to paintball shoot. I didn’t want to go but thought I ought to be sociable. I’ve never been a soldier, never will be a soldier and don’t even want to play at being a soldier, little did I realise how educational this was going to turn out to be.

Standing there at the briefing on a hot summer’s day, dressed in a protective boiler suit and helmet, I was distinctly unenthusiastic. As the budding Rambos’ ran off into the bushes to play a game of last man standing, I simply ducked under a nice shady bush by the podium for a snooze.

As I lay under the bush, I could hear the yelling and shouting, the pop of paintballs being fired and the sounds of battle generally. Eventually, the noise subsided, people that had been shot began returning to camp, until finally, the last man standing returned to claim his prize.

This man looked every inch a Rambo, dressed from head to foot in camo, he looked smug and very pleased with himself. As the referee’s hand reached out for the bell to signal the end of the contest, I couldn’t resist it, I shot him in the chest. The Rambo looked so surprised and annoyed, but I’d won fair and square: the referee’s hand hadn’t quite reached the bell.

The above is a lesson that fits in well with my philosophy on life, I’m nothing if not an opportunist. It is ironic to think that with all of the energy having been expended, I had used little energy and fired one paintball, but I’d won.

I realised that in life, people are so busy playing the game, arguing about money, politics and religion, that they don’t notice what I am doing: they expend a lot of energy and more often than not they never win. Most people live to work rather than work to live.

Politicians know this, successful businessmen know this, Generals and top soldiers know this. An army sniper may sit in his hole or wherever for days, weeks or even months, until he acquires a high enough value target to be worthy of his bullet. Sometimes a sniper can change the whole course of a battle with a single bullet.

Here’s an interesting video: “Green Beret vs Peru Special Forces Officer”.

I’ve no idea as to the background to this video or even how genuine it is, but it illustrates my point perfectly. The Green Beret looks relaxed, expends little energy and takes his opponent out with a single finger strike and, if he had wanted to, could quite easily have killed him. This is how you fight battles. It’s not about scoring points and burning energy, it’s about winning and nothing else.

Targets are not always so easily acquired, they’re often stealthy, devious and deceptive. It’s hard to know just at whom to fire our single bullet or into who’s eye we must stick our finger: metaphorical bullets and fingers of course, let’s hope we don’t have to resort to live ammo!

When we fight devious and deceptive opponents such as the European Union, we need to understand just how their systems work, its strengths and weaknesses. We need to understand our enemy like our soldier understands the human anatomy of his enemy. This is how our Green Beret knows where to stick his finger and our sniper knows where to place his bullet.

In my last two articles – ‘A Bit of Systems Theory’ and ‘Weltanschauung  and the System’ – I’ve tried to give you an introduction to some analysis tools that we can use to understand our enemy. What I’ve suggested in these articles but not stated explicitly because I wanted to see if anybody would pick up on it, is that the European Union is actually a Fascist system.

Of course, so many people still believe the lies and propaganda, they believe that the European Union is an altruistic organisation whose purpose is to prevent wars and create a utopia where we all hug and kiss each other and live happily ever after. Nothing could be further from the truth and as such The European Union’s greatest weakness is the truth.

‘Our silver bullet to slay the monster is the truth’.

I’m sure we’ve all been away to conferences and business meetings where after maybe a week of having our heads filled with corporate propaganda and learning nothing that couldn’t have been covered in a fax of email, the last thing they ask is: “does anybody have any questions?”

Just as you’re desperate to get away, a bunch of morons hold up their hands and ask a lot of daft questions, just to try and get noticed and impress the management. The management love questions like these, they’re easy to answer with a string of platitudes and they can stand there and look authoritative and knowledgeable.

Don’t you just hate people like this! And politics is exactly the same: a pantomime a show and largely a complete waste of time and energy. UKIP too in recent times has been too busy arguing about its internal workings, perhaps arguing about Tommy Robinson. This is meaningless if we don’t confront the enemy (I’m absolutely not trying to imply that you are morons!).

Don’t get me wrong, I like Tommy Robinson a lot, but we’re in dangerous times. Our most important and immediate goal is Brexit and we can’t afford to be distracted. Brexit is a battle that we must win before we can go on to fight the war against globalism and its attempt to destroy the nation state.

We don’t have much time left to fight Theresa May’s Brexit stitch-up, we must get the truth out there and deliver our silver bullet into the heart of the beast.

Oh! And while we’re at it, could someone please stick their finger in Theresa May’s eye – metaphorically speaking, of course.


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