God, who knows the name of every star, knows all our names as well

I’d like you to think about the above statement. You’ll find other similar statements in the link I’ve provided, but think about exactly what this implies.

It refers to the omnipotence of our Christian God, how he can have a name for every star, be familiar with every being and creature on this planet and who knows, perhaps others.

Given the trillions of stars in the known universe and the billions of people and other species on our planet, this seems like a tall order. I hate to have to tell you, but this is becoming not quite as far fetched as we’d like to think, but unfortunately it won’t be our God that has this power.

Firstly go to this link and sign in using your Google account. You’ll be able to request a download of all of the information that Google has about you (you can do similar on Facebook), select ‘all’. In approximately 20 hours, Google will compile the information and make it available to you.

Initially, you’ll be surprised just how much information Google has on you depending on which of their apps you use: maybe dating history, every word you say, every message you send and much, much more, including everywhere you’ve been. This will be the biggest file out of around 20 gigabytes of data; a massive amount of data.

Of course we all know that Google tracks us, but when you see this massive volume of GPS info, location, altitude, mode of transport and much more, well, it comes as a shock.

This is no longer enough for Google, there’s an interesting article here on Breitbart: “Masters of the Universe: Leaked Video Shows Google’s Vision of ‘Total Data Collection’”

What is being suggested here is much, much more draconian than what they’re doing now, it smacks of mind control and worse. There are plenty of articles elsewhere about this.

At the moment, we can turn of the tracking facility on our Smartphones or just turn them off. What about the dreaded RFID chip implant though, the 666 chip as some call it, you can’t turn that off. Apart from this distinction, we’re already living in the world dubbed by many as the stuff of conspiracy theories.

Some companies in the world are already encouraging the implantation of RFID chips in their employees. This technology is sold to employees as a convenient way of providing security for things such as access to buildings, to using company equipment such as the photocopier etc.

This is a trojan horse however. With the advent of  Internet Protocol 6, many millions or billions of extra IP addresses will be available, leading to the rise of the ‘Internet of Things’ and the singularity. I’ve already written about this stuff in my article ‘The Quantum Singularity’ so you can read this for further info.

As RFID chips become prevalent, they’ll be able to interact with these things on the Internet, everything from your toaster, TV, coffee machine or fridge etc. will be able to spy on you and it won’t be optional.

We used to feel that we weren’t important enough to be noticed, but now we have Artificial Intelligence sifting through the data, but what will really make this technology take off is Quantum Computing, see my article: ‘The Dawn of the Quantum Age.’

The way we address data in current Information Systems, although it seemed very sophisticated at the time of its invention, is actually quite crude. Originally we counted records to find them (very slow), then we learned to use a simple set theory technique to structure data into records of equal length so that we could use a simple equation to find them. Better but still crude.

Quantum Computing as it develops will allow massive and exponential ability to address data. Not only will these machines be unimaginably fast, they could allow for the simultaneous addressing of God knows, but possibly billions or trillions or more, bits of data.

So, there you have it, it’ll empower The Powers That Be with an almost god-like ability to intrude into our lives. There will be nowhere to hide; they really be very familiar with all of you.

This technology is no longer the stuff off conspiracy theories, it’s here and what isn’t is developing very quickly. We have perhaps 10 years (if that) to escape this.

As if this technological nightmare wasn’t bad enough, it is also materialising at the same time as other globalist control, geopolitical infrastructure, for instance, Agenda 21 and the older but very malignant central banking system.

I’ll be getting back to some of these things soon, but consider this: Theresa May is a self proclaimed globalist. We’re heading into a totalitarian nightmare that even the likes of George Orwell wouldn’t be able to envisage and Theresa May is fully behind it; she’s no friend of ours.

As globalism has progressed, the only small victory that we’ve won has been Brexit and Theresa May is determined to take it away. We’ve miraculously managed to gain a small window of opportunity and if we let it close in front of us, fail to us it to fight for our freedom, our children’s future will be very bleak.

This summer will be extremely important time for a fight one way or another; we can’t afford to lose this opportunity the consequences are too frightening.

Only God has the right to name every star in the universe and to be on intimate terms with every person in our world.

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